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Love Liberates – 4th of July 2021

Love is the ultimate liberator. Love, not war, has the power to free us and unite us. As a Wild Woman reclaiming my freedom to be, love, and express myself, I declare today a love celebration. I declare, "I love this land!" -----My body and America; the land I live in. ~ 💓 Kiana

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Juneteenth: Reflect, Celebrate & Stand for Freedom

Today is Juneteenth the day we celebrate the end of legal slavery in the United States. We celebrate African Americans finally being set free in Texas two after the emancipation proclamation. It’s a day to remember, grieve, reflect and feel.  In order to heal from racial trauma and end racism we need to slow down...

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Spring Break Series: A Poem to Earth, My Love

This month here at the Wild Woman Tribe, we are being called to step outside and be free in nature and in our bodies. As I think about the link between Earth and us and the connections between us all I am reminded of a poem I wrote a while back, which I am called...

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Celebrating Earth Day – A Revolutionary Way to Honor & Heal the Earth.

I am so excited to celebrate Earth Day with you this Sunday. Please click this link for all the event details and tickets. In celebration of all that is Earth day I wanted to remind you that reclaiming your body is a revolutionary way to honor & heal the Earth. When we love and honor our...

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Wild Woman Tribe: Shine Your Light – December 14th

Be Wild Woman Presents: Wild Woman Monthly Tribe with Kiana Love: December Edition Theme: Shine Your Light Wild Woman is calling you to dance with her…. Come home to your body and feel the wonder of nature within you. Awaken your heart with a wild woman urban retreat and pre-slumber, love your body party. In...

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