Here is a simple 5 minutes-5 Senses Wild Woman Ritual you can use every day to root yourself in your body and in your pleasure.

The most potent way to do this ritual is out in nature where you can feel and connect with the earth; see her beauty, hear her speak, smell her natural aromas and feel her caress and touch through the wind and the ground beneath your feet
Do this at home and out in nature today.  Nature can be as simple as a park bench or somewhere you see nature.
Find somewhere to comfortably sit:
Close your eyes and be silent.  Take 3 slow full breaths and feel wild woman as mother earth beneath you holding you.  Let your breath be your prayer and invitation for your wild woman to bless you through your senses.
(Take a few minutes)
Notice what you hear, smell, feel, touch and allow your body and mind to record everything.
Open your eyes and do the same with what you see before you
Root yourself in your pleasure with 3 breaths, bring your hands to your thighs and on exhale press your hands into the ground to feel the earth holding you.