gypsy wild woman!Are you ready to laugh and dance with wild abandon like a child?

What would your life look like if you felt free to be and express yourself completely?

… if you felt at home in your body, safe, nurtured, and loved?  


Be Wild Woman gives you the tools, support and a personal practice that empowers you to love being a woman.  Discover a personal map of your body’s wild wonderful land and  powerful tools to listen, understand and attend to your body’s messages.

You can expect to gain from the program:

* A loving relationship with yourself as a woman

* A mind-body integration for self awareness and healing

* Yoga practices and bioenergetic exercises

* Body-oriented techniques for clearing blocks and connecting to your power

* Awareness and understanding of your “story”, issues and needs

* Simple powerful healing tools of daily self care using energy work, herbs, reflexology, acupressure, ayurveda, chakra healing, and meditation, among others.

* A personal, daily practice that empowers you to feel at home in your body, safe nurtured and loved

* a healthy mothering map to receive loving care, tend to yourself and free your inner child

You will learn how to:

* Ease your mind

*Align with nature and restore your cycles

* Release old beliefs and create new ones that empower you

*  Experience and create safety to come home to your body

* Awaken your senses and trust your body

* Understand, communicate with and tend to your body with care

* Create healthy boundaries

* Clear your home and surroundings

* Access the divine feminine via Wild Woman

* Reclaim your innocence and self-confidence

This program is especially geared to support you to:

*  Restore and develop self confidence

* Restore and embrace loving relationships in your life

*  Heal yourself and others

*Heal your sexuality after trauma

*Restore women’s cycles

* Heal from childhood trauma

* Heal and have a loving relationship with your inner child

How the program is structured

Be Wild Woman is designed with all the essential ingredients for you to thrive.

You will receive:

* One on one guidance and support with Kiana Love

*  80 minute Wild Woman sessions consisting of healing, movement, creativity, coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance.

*  Access between sessions via email, text, and phone

* Home Discovery –  exercises, readings, journaling, videos, mp3’s