7-14-15 Stop thinking, feel your way…

I’m enjoying a retreat from the city, slowing down and dancing around the fire.  The Be the Bunny workshop today was so much fun today. I wish you could have been here to manifest abundance with hippity hops and play.  Did you know that one bunny has the potential of multiplying to more than 47,000 in just three years? Today Wild Woman reminds us to just stop getting stuck with thinking. It sure helped me stop thinking and allow play to infuse my day. My inner 3 year old has untapped wisdom in her unbounded joy I know yours does too. <3


Stop thinking. Feel your way through within nature. Your instinctive nature; in birds, cats, bunnies dogs, a wolf. Inside you there is a wisdom you comprehend by thinking.

Let your breath flow. Sink into the rhythm. Your truth dances in your blood and in your bones.


Wild Woman -via Kiana Love


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