“I hereby commit myself to humbly providing support healing and knowledge for myself and women to find sanctuary here on earth within our bodies and in balance with nature.”


Women are innately wild, powerful & creative. We are divinely created, each with her own beautiful plan & innate gifts to share in the world. When a woman comes home to her body and realigns with nature, the creative healing feminine force and intelligence of nature flow through her. She treats herself and all of nature with reverence. She has access to her healing gifts, her creativity, she trusts them and expresses them with great delight. A woman restored to her wildness is confident and joyful in her femininity and has nothing to prove or resent from the masculine. A wild woman is free to love and be loved.

I envision a world where the feminine and the masculine are in partnership as it is in nature, mother earth father sky, where wild women and wild men love and live fully, present, whole and free.


I commit to help women feel safe, secure, confident and loved, just as we are within nature’s plan and restore the wild woman archetype. I commit to listening to and acting in accordance with my wild inner truth. I commit to sharing my God given creative healing gifts to empower women to be fully present in their bodies and confident in their creativity and expression. I dedicate myself to loving myself and to expressing love in all my actions & relations and work.