“In Sanskrit, Chakra translates into wheel, or disk. Chakras are energy centers; think of them as the software to the bodies hardware. There are seven major chakras that run down the center of the body and relate to the seven major nerve ganglia that extend from the spine. Among other things chakras correlate to elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, bodily functions.

These energy centers in the subtle body form the bridge between our solid physical ground and our vast consciousness. Through the chakras you can learn to travel the bridge, up to liberate, down to manifest, in and out to relate to the world around you.

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Relax, ground, energize, and find balance.  Take a journey through the seven energy centers (chakras) of the body.  Chakracize employs a unique blend of yoga, dance, meditation, breath, toning and more.  Come away with simple, effective tools you can use throughout the week to help you focus, relieve stress, and be present in your body. Open to all levels.Bring your yoga mat & wear comfortable clothes! Open to all levels.


9 Month Chakra Journey:Psychology of the Chakras

This training integrates both mind and body within a spiritual context by exploring the inner psychology of the Chakra System as a model for transformational healing and personal growth. Designed for healers of all types who wish to learn new skills, as well as laypeople in the process of their own healing journey, we will spend one full day on each chakra level, making a total of 9 days of training, starting with an introduction and ending with an integration day.

Each morning will include guided trance journeys, yoga asanas for opening the chakras, bioenergetic exercises, and partner work for integrating your process. The afternoon sessions take the work to a deeper level with psychological exploration, therapeutic demonstrations, and group process, giving participants a chance to work on their own issues, and to practice these techniques with each other.
* A solid understanding of the chakra system
* A psycho-spiritual framework for diagnosis and healing
* Yoga practices for each chakra
* Bioenergetic exercises for the lower chakras
* Body-oriented techniques for healing difficulties
* An understanding of chakras and childhood development
* A deeper understanding of your own issues
* A transformational experience

Professionals will find new skills to use in their practice, laypeople will find new insights to their own healing journey.
This workshop has been taught for 22 years! Students have found it to be life-changing. Be prepared to grow!