Restore Women to Safety Aloha Project

End Violence Against Women~ Empower Women to Break Free from Trauma & Shame

We’re raising $2700 to expand the  Be Wild Woman Healing Program to empower women.

1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18.

83% of adolescent girls are sexually harassed in school.

This affects all of us.

Restoring safety to women starts with you & me.

Here’s how you can join me:

* Love Your Body Daily Calls June 1st-14th

* Aloha Love Your Body Party June 2nd

* Fab Love Salons  June 4th & 11th

*Book your Love Your Body Reading: Aloha Special

*watch my video & learn more below, donate & spread the word.

Love your body!

I am sharing my Wild Woman vision,  following her guidance to go into sanctuary write, expand the Be Wild Woman Healing Program to specifically address women survivors of childhood sexual violation and to plant the seeds for creating a Be Wild Woman retreat center in Hawaii.

My Be Wild Woman Program helps women to create & restore sanctuary within, regardless of what happened to them.  I teach women how to birth their dreams within the sanctuary of their bodies.

I will be offering Love Your Body Live Calls from Hawaii Videos & Be Wild Woman healing Workshops to women survivors on my trip.

*Be Wild Woman Workshops:

IET Angelic Karma Clearing & Wild Body Blessing
IET Forgiveness Process & Wild Body Blessing
Love Your Body, Healing Circle.

Here is a list of rewards I’m offering you to join me on my mission to empower women.
To join me choose your reward & click on the donate button on the right

$5 or more  1st Love Your Body Live Broadcast from Hawaii with Kiana Love
$10                Hand written Thank-you note from me, sent from Hawaii  & Love Your Body Live Broadcast
$20                Love Your Body Broadcast series from Hawaii  ( 5 calls)
$30                Love Your Body Blessing one-on-one with me & 1st Love Your Body Live Broadcast
$50                Wild Woman 30 minute Reading ( tarot, intuitive) & handwritten thank-you
note sent from me
$75                 Hawaiian Ti Leaf Lei blessed by me & sent from Hawaii plus Love Your body
Broadcast Series
$100              Signed Healing Artwork print created in Hawaii by Kiana Love & Love Your
Body Broadcast series
$500             Private 1-on-1 Healing Session with Kiana & 8×10 Channeled Healing Artwork of
Your Session Hawaiian Ti Leaf Lei, Love Your Body Broadcasting Series Live
from Hawaii, Wild Woman 30 minute reading, Love Your Body Blessing &
Handwritten Note Sent from Hawaii.
$1500           Your Own Be Wild Woman~Open to Pleasure Party in NYC @ Be Wild  Woman
or in your home for you & your friends, Wild Woman 30 minute Reading,
Hawaiian Ti Leaf blessed by me and sent from Hawaii, Signed Healing Artwork
print created in Hawaii, Love Your Body Broadcast Series,  Love Your Body
Blessing & Hand written Thank-you note from me, sent from Hawaii.

I’m on a mission to restore safety to women so that the world can benefit from their gifts.  As long as women don’t feel safe we – our world – is missing out.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
with much gratitude & blissings

Kiana Love

Here is the original fund I started.

Thank you so much for all your support in making this vision possible.  Together we are changing the world!


Healing the Womb

Be Wild Woman’s Wombing  Mission is to help women transcend physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds of the womb, end violence against women & spread joy to women across the globe.

In May of 2009 Be Wild Woman offered a Healing the Womb Documentary and Study culminating in a Wild Wombing Day offered free to women in NYC. Here is the press release. Below you will find the initial call to action. Stay tuned for videos and pictures. Coming Soon.

The Vision
Nov. 2008..

Healing the Womb for Women’s Healing..

The Healing the Womb vision is to create a supportive healing space for the woundings of the womb. We will be offering workshops that dive into healing and reconsecrating the womb. This is the foundation of healing women’s sexuality.

Healing the Womb address the woundings of the womb such as miscarriages, surgery, child birth, sexual assault, terminations, genital mutilation, abuse, and dysfunctional relationship including childhood trauma. Healing the Womb offers women the opportunity to call into the circle and hold space for woundings we have been holding alone and join together in a safe space to embark on the path to healing and wholeness as women.

As the homes of creation, women’s wombs need healing and nourishment, but are often abandoned when they are wounded. This leaves the individual without a home of their own; often disconnected from their creativity, vitality, and power. When women heal and reclaim the inner sacred homes of creation within, the way they live and experience the world outside of them changes and becomes whole.

Healing one’s womb is essential to a woman’s sexuality, self worth, and joy. This is facilitated through chakra healing, ritual, meditation, yoga, group support, and more. I offer workshops that dive into healing and reconsecrating the womb.

The Healing the Womb mission & goals are to bring healing and empowerment to our community through the healing and education of women and girls

I invite you to join me in this vision to co-create support education, and healing for women