I started Be Wild Woman in November of 2005  with a dream to build a community of wild women committed to reclaiming and integrating all aspects of their inner wildness; from the wild abandon and joy of a child to the ferociousness of a protective mother.

Be Wild Woman has evolved to become a healing center and a mission championing womens’ empowerment, self-love & creative expression.

I’m passionate about  helping women love their bodies & themselves. I specialize in supporting women’s recovery from trauma. I draw from my experience & knowledge from my own journey from trauma & shame to self love & joy to support and guide you on yours.  I share my Be Wild Woman Program with women one-on-one as well as in groups.

I created my Be Wild Woman Program to help women reclaim their bodies,
self love & joyful expression. It is my wish that my program and the words I
share here help you love your body & give birth to you!