You are gaining a rich lineage of healing, women’s wisdom & a live connection to & rewilding of yourself as wild woman in her power & her joy. You will gain a sisterhood, the power of nature, a map of your energy, emotions & wild self,your self confidence, self-love, joy, your healing gifts, your intuition, your innocence, freedom to love, surrender to the divine power, guidance, creativity, & love that natural flows through you.

From my lineage you will gain:

Sacred Chakra Centers:  I share with you the teachings from my extensive trainings with Anodea Judith & certifications as Sacred Center Chakra Healer, Teacher & Coach & bring you the map of the chakras to guide you to manifest, liberate & transform.  I am weaving in the entire 9 Month Psychology of the Chakras, Energy Awareness into Arise Wild Woman.

Women’s Wisdom: I share with you the reclaiming of our cycles, healing in the wise woman tradition, the sacred Feminine, & bringing the feminine back into balance I first discovered in 1999 in my Women’s Wisdom 9 month training program with my teachers, Hemitra CreCraft & Sue King.

Power of Women : I share with you the wisdom, power & reverence for the mystery & unknown that we must experience on our journey into ourselves that  I’ve gained from the Women in Power Initiation from Alisa Starkweather, Jude Bliss, Sarah Schley, Janine Romaner & Nicola Kurk.

Arousal & Tantric Healing: I share with you the maps of a woman’s arousal from studies with Sheri Winston, Teeni Dakini, Margot Anond, & Ipsala Tantra

Shamanism & Nature Religion:  I share with you the inner journey, & how to navigate within your inner world & between your inner & outer world from my studies of nature as sacred;  tantric shamanism studies with Sylvia Braillier, ayahausca journeys in Peru, alchemical fire circles, drumming, santeria, spiritualism, sweat lodges, goddess studies, seasonal circles & rituals, etc. wicca, neopaganism

Intuitive & Energy healing :  I share with you the intuitive healing & guidance on your journey into awakening your own inner healer.  I share with you journey from 7 years old doing my Dad’s feet, to discovering & revering the healing that pours through me to support & awaken my clients & students.  I share with you energy healing from my extensive trainings of Reiki, Vortex Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angels, Crystals, channeling, tarot,

Ayurveda & Yoga :  I share with you my knowledge  of the 5,000 year old sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga from my trainings; Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Certification with  Bhaswati Bhatacharya’s Dinacharya Institut Sadie Nardini’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Certification, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Karen Hasskar, Chakra Yoga with Anodea Judith.    I will be weaving in teachings & handouts from Dinacharya Institute & Bhaswati Bhatacharya will be supporting you with a consultation & be an ongoing consultant supporting your healing.

Wild Woman:  I am sharing the healing, tools, messages that flow through me to you.  She is sharing with you the tools & guidance you need to awaken & develop your relationship with her & share your wild gifts in the world.  I will be sitting with her every week to listen & share her wisdom & guidance with you.  You will be initiated into her mysteries & have your own sacred relationship with the goddess & yourself through her.