June 1st-June 14th

Together we are creating a world where women feel safe to be wild.
It starts with you loving your body, feeling safe to be wild & discovering your joy.

I’m offering two daily Love Your Body calls to empower women & end sexual violence against women.

We are changing the world, one woman at a time.  It starts with me & you.  When you love your body & feel safe you transform the world around you creating safety and mirroring self love for womankind (& mankind).

Together we are creating a world where women are safe to be wildly love themselves & the world.

Calls are free and by donation.  Click on the link on the right to donate as little or as much as you like.

All donations go to support my  Restore Women to Safety Aloha Project  to empower women survivors of sexual violence.

Below are the 2 links and the descriptions of each call:

7 am Love Your Wild Body Call

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Join me for a your wild body call.
Take a self nurturing break from your busy life & receive the support you need to check in and love your body.

Sink your roots down and feel solid and supported. Womb and create safety in your body and life today! Check in, listen & nurture yourself as I gently guide you into the sanctuary of your wild body. 

12n  Heavenly Body Call 

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Love your body with IET Energy Therapy & experience heaven on earth today.

Connect with divine support, experience a mini clearing & energy boost & manifest sanctuary & joy for women across the globe. The most powerful way for you to empower women is to start loving your body today!