Be Wild Woman
invites you to celebrate!
NOW’s 12th Annual

“Love Your Body Day”

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection?
More that half see a distorted reflection.

Join us as we launch a Love Your Body Movement.
Stand up for women. Show NYC what REAL beautiful women look like!

Wild Woman Beauty Pageant Walk

Wednesday Oct 19th 12-5 pm

starting at: Be Wild Woman Healing Center 230 W 72nd St #2R

Invite to women:
Say yes to loving yourself.
Say no to judgements, expectations & self-hate.

You are beautiful and lovable just the way mother nature made you.

Who are you?
Real women, thin, curvy, short, tall, bald, big haired, dark, fair, wrinkled, young, old, creative, smart, funny, strong, sensitive & uniquely beautiful.

Invite to Men:
Come take a stand for your daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother.
Let them know they are beautiful just the way they are.

Anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders, insecurity, low self esteem, self-mutilation, depression, violence against women.




Dress up, photo shoot, sign making, interviews
Your stories are powerful, share them & empower women.


Love Your Body Circle -talk, share, celebrate, love you.

2:00p – 5:00p

Wild Beauty Pageant Walk walk, pose, celebrate your beauty, spread the message –W72nd st. to Central Park Bethesda Fountain & back to Riverside Park


After-picnic Riverside Park @Hudson River. Bring food & drink.

Calling Women; Attend. Volunteer. Make a difference. Have fun!

Calling men, photographers, media, videographers to come & support.

To rsvp & help contact us: / tel:917 453-3663


Special Thanks to our community and pro-women business sponsors!

Click here to meet our Wild Beauty Pageant Team.

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Who is Be Wild Woman?

Be Wild Woman empowers women to nurture and love their bodies, access their bodies’ intuitive wisdom and free their expression through healing, creativity and community. Be Wild Woman is passionate about freeing women from pain, fear and judgement to their natural untamed self-loving state.

“You’re body is your sanctuary.” – Kiana Love, Founder of Be Wild Woman