Message from the creatress of the Wild Beauty Pageant Walk
Growing up I was awkward, and self-conscious about my body.  Until I was 12 I thought God had made a mistake and I hated being a girl and what I saw as weakness that went along with it.  I wanted to be ‘strong like the boys’ and was angry that we had a weak role.  I spent years denying my body and femininity, dressing in black, hiding, feeling uncomfortable and angry with my body, feeling judged and critical of other women.
It wasn’t til I learned to love my body and accept myself that I began to feel beautiful.  Until then my body was a source of anxiety and shame. I went from the pain of cysts, fibroids, and the trauma of sexual violence to feeling joyful, a sense of pride as a woman, and deep love for the sisterhood of women.  My life transformed and I went from being defensive, resentful, angry, and stuffing my words to, speaking up, expressing my truth.
Hating our bodies and ourselves leads to hating each other.  Today women suffer from reproductive disorders, bulimia, anorexia, domestic and sexual violence.  Poor self image and self judgement are underlying causes.   Media, advertising and hollywood intensify the pressure on women to be thin, young and perfect.  There is a war going on in our bodies and we can stop it.  Lets join together and bring peace and joy to our bodies and to our world.   When we stand up and say no to the critic we empower ourselves and inspire other women to love themselves too.
Just think how different your world, our world would be if instead of  judging whether someone is beautiful or not, or looking for how we are flawed, we looked for what is beautiful about a person.  What a beautiful loving world this would be if we were curious about what makes a person beautiful.   What if you noticed the beauty of the way someone laughs, dances, jumps up and down for joy, smiles, etc.  There are so many ways in addition to visually that we can be beautiful, such as the way your body feels on the inside, your thoughts, words, actions.   What would change for you if you looked for and focused on what makes you and everyone beautiful?
It is from this place that I created the Wild Beauty Pageant Walk to uplift and unite us as women.  Creativity, intuition, vulnerability, strength, beauty are gifts that women shine and share with the world when they love and accept themselves.  When we step into our gifts and own our feminine strengths we transform the world around us into a world of co-creation, love & peace. Its time sisters.  Join me on this Wild Love Your Body’ ‘Beauty movement. Lets start a wild revolution.   Lets take back our bodies, fire the judges and love our lives.
wildly yours

Kiana Love

Wild Beauty Creatress

Kiana LoveFounder of Be Wild Woman, Healer, Artist, Producer of Wild Beauty Pageant

Kiana Love founded Be Wild Woman to empower women to love their bodies, reclaim their intuitive wild wisdom & free their creative expression. In her program she employs somatic therapies, nutritional coaching, energy work, chakra therapies, yoga, dance & reflexology to teach & guide women to reclaim their body’s natural wisdom. Kiana draws from her personal healing journey, studies of the feminine, sacred sexuality, creativity & healing. She holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science and has certifications in body mind healings. She is a Reiki Master, IET Instructor, Sacred Centers Chakra Teacher & Healer, & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Kiana is available for private work, lectures, workshops and events.

Wild Beauty Pageant Council:


Birgitte Philippides
Beauty Expert & Social commentary Painter
As a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, Birgitte has worked with some of the most influential people in the world: Beyonce, Anna Wintour, Bethanny Frankel, Duchess of York.
Birgitte’s work as a NYC-based social-commentary painter has spanned almost two decades. In her paintings, Birgitte dares to tell the truth about the struggles of living in society as a woman in a humorous and cartoon-like manner; giving new and entertaining insights into the female perspective on society. Some of her favorite topics to illustrate are: body image issues, eating disorders, relationship struggles, low self-esteem and being a career woman in society.
Dana Divine  
Hair stylist-Artist
Dana Divine is no ordinary hairstylist – after making countless women feel that they had transformed into a living, breathing goddess, she earned the nickname “The Goddess Maker.” A true artist who has chosen the human head as her medium, Dana Divine can fashion almost any look for your beautiful locks – from glimmering threads that sparkle brighter than highlights, to custom feather extension and hairpieces, to lustrous wool, mohair and silk extensions.
Dr Barbara Bartlik
Barbara Bartlik, MD, is a sex therapist and psychiatrist in private practice in Manhattan. She is the medical advisor for the book Extraordinary Togetherness: A Woman’s Guide to Love, Sex and Intimacy (Rodale), and a member of the HealthyWoman from Bottom Line advisory board. Dr. Bartlik takes a functional/ holistic approach to treating patients, focusing on healthy nutrition and lifestyle to heal psychiatric and sexual problems. She is an advisor to Eve’s Garden Sexuality Boutique in Manhattan, where she hosts monthly forums on sexuality.

Barbara Bartlik, MD.
55 Central Park West, 1C, New York, NY 10025
tel: (212) 787-2180

Dell Williams
Women’s Sexuality Activist & Boutique Proprietress
As the founder of Eve’s Garden and a pioneer for women’s sexual freedom, Williams’ has tirelessly worked to help women overcome the guilt and shame they were conditioned to feel about sex and is a respected and trusted figure in the industry. Williams recently donated her papers and other items from her career to Cornell University’s Department for Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is also listed in the Who’s Who of Sexual Academics and Leaders.
Diana Ferrante
 Beauty Consultant, Actress,Yogi, Healer,
Diana is a teacher, healer and artist with deep spiritual knowledge from a variety of traditions. Her work centers on helping people experience truth, freedom and beauty within the vehicle of the body. Many of her techniques, which encompass energy healing, movement, and “soul archival retrieval” processes, are playfully spun so that “serious” spiritual matters turn into “happy” exploits for the soul. 

Erin Bigelow
Director- Vagina Monologues, Laramie, Production Coordinator -Good Morning America

Erin has worked in Live TV for over 10 years in every aspect of television, from Station Manager to camerawoman. Starting her career in Arizona, Erin became a young TD/Director (and eventually Production Coordinator) of the local NBC affiliate where she learned how to manage the challenges of a smaller news station with limited resources. In Boston, Erin was the Technical Director and 2nd Director at CN8-The Comcast Network where she directed the primetime entertainment show, “Backstage with Barry Nolan” and late night sports show, “Out of Bounds”. She also enjoyed directing multiple live band segments weekly. She currently works with the Director of Good Morning America as a member of the DGA. Erin also has some theater directing/producing credits such as “The Vagina Monologues” (2004, 2011, & 2012) as well as “The Laramie Project” (2011).

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Maria Goltsova
Writer, Videographer
Maria Goltsova lives in New York City. She studies nonfiction writing at NYU.
She is part of Quicksand LLC – a women-owned company that saves people money on parking tickets.
She aspires to turn her life into a continuous creative and spiritual practice.  Her goal is to help people transform their lives through art.  She is fascinated with all things authentic and non-conventional.
Maria is looking for artists to interview for her Art and its Power to Transform Multi-Media Project.  For more information contact her at
Noelle V Dor
Wild Womyn Writer, Dancer, Life Scientist
Noelle V Dor has worked in various ways to help people dynamically explore their outer and inner worlds, working most extensively in the realms of women’s empowerment and ecological education. In alignment with her commitment to healing and personal transformation, she is currently nurturing her “big dream” of a creating a lighthouse retreat center and pursuing a MA in Dance Therapy & Mental Health Counseling.


Olivia Wilbur
Interactive Art Facilitator
Olivia Wilber (Liv Arts) is a New Jersey-based artist currently exhibiting in the New York/New Jersey area. Educated at Ringling School of Art & Design and San Francisco Art Institute. She specializes in fine art, mixed-media collage, interactive painting and video performance painting.
Susan Conrad
Susan Conrad is an image consultant with a flair for the artistic. The love of fashion, texture, color and a beautiful shoe has inspired her to share what others have been asking of her for a while now…“Can you come over and help me with my wardrobe? I like the way you put together clothes!” Whatever your needs…a fashion inventory and closet cleansing, a successful business wardrobe, or just help accessing your unique expression to the world, Susan can help.