Wild Pleasure Blessing Wash

ingredients:  1 tablespoon lavender
1 cinnamon stick
1 tablespoon dry mint or 3 springs fresh mint
4 cups water
1 tealight candle
Soft music you enjoy

Bring pot of water to a boil
place herbs in, turn off the heat & cover the pot
let it steep for 15 minutes

Divide in 4  set aside
1/4 to drink now
1/4 for altar
1/4 for you
1/4 save for tomorrow (to drink)
(for hometriple recipe: set aside enough to drink. Divide rest in two: half for home, half for you.  Then divide the half for you into three and starting today; use for 3 days. )

1) set the mood for pleasure. Put on some soft music, open the drapes to let the sun or moon in. Wear something that feels comfortable.

2) pour 1/4 into a mug/cup. Find a comfortable place to sit.  Hold the mug and feel the warmth of the mug under your fingers.  Feel the ground underneath you.  Close your eyes and bringyour attention to your breath.  Breathe in the scent of the herbs. Slowly sip and allow nature to bless you through the herbs you’ve infused.  Envision that it is wild woman, nature herself that is blessing you with each sip.  Take time to notice how it feels as you drink.

3)Pour 1/4 into a bowl. Take a cloth or sponge (preferably clean, if not

rinse out well first), dip into bowl & then squeeze out.  Wipe off the

surface of altar first, then area immediately around your altar ( i.e. floor,

wall).  Then Bless it with sage, incense, or if you are scent sensitive you

can bless it with music, breath, or open the window to let fresh air bless

your altar.  (* for home clean your whole space, walls, surfaces, and floor.  You can divide into half again and use half for surfaces and half for floor with mop.)

4) Pour 1/4 into container and place near your shower/tub.  Add a little

bit of hot water til its temperature you like.  Take a shower or bath to

clear and bless you.  At end of shower take blessing wash and pour over

you from head to toe, front and back.

5)Light a candle at your altar. Sit or lie in front of your altar.  Take a few

minutes here to invite pleasure in and notice how it feels in your body to

do so.