About me and…Why I started Be Wild

Hi, I'm Kiana Love, a holistic health practitioner and single mom in NYC. In my practice I support people's health on all levels, body-mind and spirit through energy work, health counseling, reflexology, and somatic work. I do private consultations, treatments, teach classes, and recently have started the Be Wild group which focuses on the wild feminine. While I believe deeply in the work that I do, I am especially passionate about Be Wild because it has been born out of deep healing of the feminine for myself.. In my own journey to healing I have explored and studied the feminine. My studies about the feminine started out with as many books as I could search out on feminine topics from the spiritual to the physical and I soon recognized a relationship between a women's sexuality and her physical, emotional and spiritual health. In my personal journey to healing they have been intertwined; sometimes my spirituality healing my sexuality and sometimes a powerful sexual experience bringing me spiritual healing. I have been very dedicated as a survivor of sexual abuse to these studies. My trainings and studies of the feminine and sacred sexuality, in particular my women's trainings which were taught by and taken with women, have been instrumental in my healing. In the women's groups I was able to hear women speak and to speak among women that were accepting of me. This enabled me to learn so much about myself as a women, feel accepted by other women, let go of much of my shame and guilt and to replace my negative beliefs about myself as a women with acceptance, self love, and joy. This joy in being a woman has rippled out from believing in myself and at last being happy with who I am to positively impacting my relationships with women, men, my family and my son. I see Be Wild as a space where women can be empowered in a number of ways. Women get to hear each other's stories and speak their own in an accepting space where they are not judged, fostering community and a feeling of belonging as a one of the girls. Unhealthy messages and beliefs can be replaced with healthy ones. Not only can this support healing for women but also their relationships and therefore men, families, and friends.