6-20-15 Happy Solstice! Soak in love…..

Happy Solstice and Happy Summer,
I sat on my balcony this morning to welcome summer…even though the sun wasn’t shining.  The sun is here in my channelled drawing and message from Wild Woman.  Celebrate today by inviting the light of the sun in to bless every cell in your body.  Be Wild <3 Kiana

Stars descend shining their light upon you.
Let love free your voice
Tidal waves of love, ebb and flow.
Float in the dark, in the stillness of my womb,
Soak in love.




6-19-15 In this moment, all of life is…

Here’s my wild channeling of the day from Wild Woman and beyond.  I got a drawing and message from Wild Woman and afterwards deeper message from “all that is in form and formless”  Hope you enjoy it….and surrender to the flow of life. <3
(scroll down for second message)

20150619_080411You are the temple of  nature portal to the universe

Invite me to flow through you
Let life nourish your brain
Let my earth root and
replenish your mind

When you surrender
to the flow of life
you think without effort 
you act with ease
supported, fed and inspired
by life itself.

Take a step, flow, be
Step, flow, be
Dance, flow, be
In this moment all of life is

This is what it means to be wild..in harmony, alive, powered, free


2nd message:

There is no where I am not.  Seek me here where you are.
The deeper you go the more you experience the unfathomable miracle that you already are.
The gift is in the experiencing.  Think of it as the unwrapping of the present.
Deeper and deeper into the experience of you now.  Untamed, untapped, free.

Drink from the holy grail of your womb. Listen be within mine.
Here you can feel me, holding you, filling you, surrounding you, delighting in you.

Who am I?  I am all tt is in form and formless.  You know me through the path of Wild Woman, through this divine vastness that you feel. Yes I am Wild Woman and I am much, much more.  I am all the longing, dreams, beauty, creation manifest.  And I am the beauty and the power you can not see but only feel and marvel at without words.  Here you are me.

6-18-15 Photosynthesis of Love

Here’s my wild channeling of the day for you.  I did this way before the sunrise this morning.  Then headed out at 5a to smudge people with sage, lead a home in your body meditation and dance, dance , dance at my favorite morning party, Morning Gloryville.   You can find me there once a month and I’ll be happy to smudge you and dance with you too!   I took this picture in the park with birds singing.  Here you go!  Hope you enjoy it. <3

20150618_060309Turn your gaze up to the sun.
Breathe the beauty of life in
Photosynthesis of love
Into your cellular being
Down into my rich earth
Love lives in your bones
Return to love.


6-17-15 Choose life, surrender

Here is my daily wild channeling from wild woman for you.  Sink into care and feel free!

20150617_073948 (1)Call on me,
Invite me in
with your breath
Choose life,

Let me hold you
in my embrace
enfold you in my womb
the cradle of life
Here you are free
to be, feel, rest,
birth anew.

Wild Woman

6-16-15 Dive deep and discover

Here’s your wild channeling of the day.  This one took some time to come through and take shape.  Reminded me  that there is a whole world to be discovered in the stillness. As it was channeling through I got the message that each dot represents cells and molecules and how many worlds are within me and you.   I got a sense of the tremendous wild abundance within each of us.  <3 Kiana


20150616_102017 (1)In every drop,
every inch of you
there is a natural universe,
your wild land
awaiting your awakening
in each breath
explore your infinite treasure

You are the mystery
love, light, dark…light
dive deep
and discover

6-13-15 Just be in today

Good morning!  Wishing you a day filled with rich moments.  Here’s your wild channeling of the day from my morning practice with Wild Woman.  <3  Kiana


20150613_072351Just be in today
Take the next step

See, hear, touch,
taste, smell
Breathe, feel, be
In this moment

Let yourself live
Here and now
Feel the richness
of this moment