Cosmic Revelry- beautiful poetic words by Paula

I’m excited to share this poem from Be Wild Woman, poet Paula Rzezkowska….on her birthday!! She’s freed her voice and sharing it with you. Catch her spoken word live on June 13th at our next Wild Woman New Moon Red Tent
yours in wildness,
Kiana Love ~Wild Woman Healer and Founder of Be Wild Woman
“When I was a young girl old enough to self reflect, I began to notice my own silence. I had 20150516_161634internalized the belief that my voice was not important and I had nothing of value to add.
A year and a half ago to 2 years ago, I began this deep and rich journey of coming home to my body with Kiana & Be Wild Woman. I had no idea what I was doing or getting into. I only knew I needed tools and my deep sense of trust and intuition guided me here even as my old programming fought the new path. The more Light & Love I let in, the more my shadow and darkness came up for healing and transformation into love and compassion.
The deeper I go on this magnificent journey with Wild Woman, the richer my life becomes. I’m IN MY BODY!!! I am here. I am present. I am listening and strengthening my connection with nature, my inner wildness. I am free to live in the magic and mystery and blissful ecstasy of life. I am free to tap into my wild innate creativity. I am finally safe to express myself freely without worrying what the world thinks of me because I’m in here, in my body, safe nurtured and loved, expressing my own truth.  As I root, ground and listen, I trust the guidance and creativity that comes through.
This poem I share with you came through me one inspired morning after my morning practice.  I share these words with you all, lovingly, freely, joyful! May they touch you, as they have touched me and my loved ones.  I share them because as I recently read, “By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of those around you.”  This is my desire, to touch and awaken something within you so that all of us on this Earthly plane may have the freedom to live our authentic truth.  I look forward to sharing more with you.

With deep gratitude and love,
Your love is on fire.  Drop into the desire of your dreams
and let the passion for what’s in fashion guide your hearts
breathing vibration out into the world
and the space station from which you download cosmic information.
You are stardust and thus, you lust for Universal connection.
You need not look far for cosmic protection.
Look within, tune into the depths of your soul section
and feel the stir of your own cosmic galaxies vast expansion.
Feel the love, the bliss and cosmic revelry expanding within YOU
just as above in the night’s starry perfection.
The same magnificence in its awesomeness fills your depths of perception
from your core out of your skin into the air’s suspension. No disconnection!
A continuation. An everlasting oneness connection.
A flow of blissful ecstacy in perfect systole.
No ending. No beginning, simply a oneness in systemic unity.
Sink into the depths of this embroidery for it is no hyperbole.
Dive into the depths of this revelry
and soak in all the Magistery until all cells are drunk with symphony.
about Paula:

Poet and holistic M.D. Paulina Rzeczkowska has been writing poetry since 1996.  Her first poem was published in 2000 in The Pain Tree by Esther Pearl Watson.

As founder of Dr. Paulina’s herbals, she loves to create natural herbal health and beauty products.  She draws from her studies of Ayurveda, Wild Woman Healing and certifications in Integrative Energy Therapy at Be Wild Woman with Kiana Love.  She is currently working towards a certification in Holistic Ayurveda Health and Nutrition Coaching with Naina Marballi.  Her search for peace, love and harmony guides her to integrate these holistic modalities of healing and transformation. She is committed to combining all her skills and talents to inspire, heal and hold safe space for other women through their journey in reclaiming their body, inner harmony and creative expression.

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