Creative Expression~ poetic words by Paula



377425_10151307621553623_1471313267_nSing your song into the world.
We are ready to receive it.
It’s your destiny to share your gifts.
There is no other way to perceive it.
Express your creativity,
your shining Light of serenity.

This is no luxury.
It is mandatory for the evolution of humanity!
Pollinate the Earth with your gifts of Creativity
like a bee gifts flowers with gifts of fertility.

Let it flow and grow from the heights of your soul
and express the glorious mess of your gift
you so laboriously attempt to resist.

Awaken and embrace the gist,
resistance if futile.
Don’t turn down the dial!
No different than the Spring Flowers,
you will bloom with your Powers into the world gardens
and share your prowess.

Unseen forces will urge you and merge you
with your greatness to expose you.
Every ounce of Life Force is pushing you into your Brilliance.

Give in. Align with the dance
and let the force of source romance you into peaks of euphoria and trance
where your voice opens to creatively express
the contents of your soul’s mission
to save the planet and our human predicament.

Paula Rzeczkowska   Poet, M.D

Check her out live next Saturday at our Wild Woman New Moon : Red Tent~ Cosmic Revelry



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