6-6-15 It is time to root deeper…

Good Morning!
Here is the wild channeling of the day.  Today a drawing and a long message came through for us.  Here it is as best as I hear and convey what come through me.

It is time to root deeper and deeper20150606_083310 (1)
The more you surrender to flow
the more you let be
the deeper your roots will naturally grow

You cannot force them to deepen
You cannot access the feminine roots by penetrating
It must be by releasing the brakes, the resistance to feeling
and this is only done by being with the resistance
The masculine must be accepted and held 
and only then will it release 

You cannot access the feminine by violating it 
then all you have is her broken land
her wholeness can only be accessed by surrender
In order to experience the vast riches of creation
You must be willing to let her flow free
She cannot be contained, constrained or attained

When you surrender
When you are held in her embrace
Then you are urged, invited, aligned, alive
to penetrate, permeate and be filled with love
Then you are God -dess ….God and Goddess

Penetration is not violation. 
It is a response to invitation to play, to love deeply,
to plug into the sacred, unfathomable power of the universe

God manifest and formless,
making love through you

Invite them home to your bones. 





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