Cosmic Womb Celebration Tomorrow: Claim Your Wild Power

Join me tomorrow Wednesday, October 24th to culminate our 9 Day: Growing Wild with Divine Mother journey with a ritual & celebration.

Support Wild Woman’s intention to create sanctuary for women to express their wildness and bring your powerful intention for us to support.

She’s calling us at Navaratri to claim our bodies as sacred, the divine as our mother & receive the wild power that is our birthright. Click here for info about our journey.

At Navartri the cosmic womb is honored and celebrated to rebirth ourselves.   Images & Statues of the Mother Goddess, Durgha, Kali, Lakshmi & Saraswati & a lamp to symbolize the Gharba ( womb)  are placed on altars and Gharba( womb) dances are performed at night.

In addition to a Mother Goddess altar, we’ll have a Gharba (Womb) altar with our Womb Shrine & wombing pumpkin I was inspired to carve last night.

We’re harnessing this womb energy & sacred tradition to honor our nurture & our nature.  We gather to honor the relationships we create, the traditions of family & community that have been cultivated and reclaim our wild nature too.  We gather to start a new tradition of creating relationships in harmony with our wild nature.

Lets transform the Gharba dance from a taming of the woman to ensure the survival of the species to a freeing of wild woman to transform & prosper our world with love.

Author & mythology expert, Dr Devdutt Pattanaik wrote in an article on the Garbha Dance of the womb:

Ancient Indians revered the pot. It was the symbol of the womb, the garbha, for it sustained human life. The pot was equated with the mother; it was a symbol of divinity…

While the forest was equated with the wild goddess, the field was equated with the domesticated goddess. Forest was woman, field was wife. Forest was water in the pond, field was water in a pot…

The domestication of the earth, the transformation of the woman into homemaker, the molding of clay into a pot, is the result of human intervention, an imposition on nature’s freedom, a sacrifice to ensure the birth of civilization, to ensure perpetuation and survival…..

For nine nights one is reminded that the pot like the wife and the field are cultural constructions, not natural phenomena, created by man. If we do not respect all three, they will collapse. And it will be the end of civilization.”  click here to read his whole article

I say its time for a new civilization where we honor our wild nature,  Join me to dance around the pot & reclaim the forest of our heart.

Doors open at 6pm
Ritual Starts promptly at 6:45

attire: Dress to honor Divine Mother
& your body as her temple.
Sari, wrap,skirt or dress, opening to her flow.
Wear something red! An accent of red is fine.

You are invited to bring:
-your intention
-a dish to offer as prasad ( blessing) to Mother Goddess, which we’ll share Yum!
-a candle from your altar
– a book or instrument of wisdom i.e.pen, paintbrush, journal

offering: $20 donation

Feel free to bring a statue or image of one of the Mother Goddesses from your altar for our altar.

Dish ideas: Here is a blog with recipies of Navartri dishes. You can bring a traditional dish or

Please RSVP as there are only a few spaces left.

wild blissings & Mother Goddess Blessings
Kiana Love
founder of Be Wild Woman

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