Wild Woman Calls You to Claim Your Wild Power with Divine Mother

This is the message I received as I sat in my morning practice today listening deep within to Wild Woman.  She’s calling us at Navaratri to claim our bodies as sacred, the divine as our mother & receive the wild power that is our birthright.  Click here to join us & answer Wild Woman’s call.

We ask all involved to hold up our prayer…

for women to feel safe to be wild for women to feel free to express their wildness

for women to share their divine wild gifts with the world

It is I, Wild Woman that call women to gather…

to gather their strength

to stand in their wildness.

It is I that have called, whispered & insisted that you celebrate and harness Navaratri for wildness for women.

Its in this ancient form that you call me forth to transform the world through you to reclaim my wild temple within your body, mind & soul.

My love, my creativity, creation, mothering

Wild gifts for you, wild creation unleashed

Clear your path to wildness.

Your mind, your body, free them for wildness,
free them for wildness to pour forth into the world’s divine wild order
source unleashed
All is instantly, miraculously, possible when you are my temple.

Let doubt & shame be washed away.

Let my abundance fill you with the richness of sensation, joy & love overflowing
tarry still, let my wisdom fill you.
All the wisdom & knowing of the universe flows through you when you are wild.

I ask you to be my temple, that all may know that they are God/ Goddess.

I call forth your divine wildness.

Let it shine bright like jewels through your desires manifest.

Surrender & know that when you listen deep within it is my desires that you pour forth in the world for joy to be within you & pour forth for you to know that love, beauty, joy, power, creation are within each of your calls when you awaken wildness. Bloom fragrant from within you.

It is our desire that all women know this & through their being restore the balance that God & Goddess be restored to their joyful state.

so bright & ecstatic that fear has no place, only Joy in perpetual creation. Your true magnificence revealed.

I want you to know that you are wild joy incarnate.

Take this journey with me.

Your love, your clarity, your joyful state is needed to birth the world.

come & create sanctuary with me by your selves & your creation.

Listen within & hold your intention within. Let it guide this journey.

It is that which you bring as prasad & that which lights the joy lamp of the world
come dance creation, womb dance.

Worship & bless & bless the womb shrine with your tears & your joy.

Devote yourself here to me with your temple.
Unite & listen as I unfold for the world to awaken.
It begins with you.

Send forth my love as a balm to heal women’s sorrow & my joy to light their way.

Never forget that you are the sacred temple.

Guard your light.

Hold your joy as sacred.

Call on me to protect you to enlighten your you to enlighten you.

Shine bright.

Let my light fill you and pour forth.

Much healing is needed.

Sowing of joy, planting of seeds

Joy shining bright.

Know that you are the light of the world incarnate when you surrender to joy.”

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