How to help, heal & not feel guilty after the storm

This morning I received a message from Wild Woman, the intuitive nature within me, in response to the shame & guilt I was feeling as a survivor of the storm with electricity & water.  I sat with my conflicting feelings of relief, gratitude, anxiety, frustration & shame.  I was front row as  the water rapidly rose from the river to surrounded my building, watching dumpsters, cars & debris floating by.  Throughout the storm I stayed in my joy, so I could send it my prayers, but this morning, I felt bad that I’m doing ok.  It brought me back to the way I felt when I was three and my brother drowned.  I shut down & stopped playing & for years I thought it was my fault.  Here’s Wild Woman’s loving message for us:

“Today is life, this moment to treasure and love, this moment to love those in your life.  Remember that they are your mirrors, care for them knowing you are caring for yourself through them.  Forget not that they are mirrors and that love starts within the lamp, you must keep lit.  There is no reflection without there being a light on the inside. Feed your soul, nourish your body, seek shelter from the storm.  You are joy’s lamp and so it is that joy naturally shines from you when you are caring to yourself first.  Your anguish is not what heals. Your anguish is the canary that dies in the cage when there is no oxygen that says, “get out & don’t die here.  Seek life.  Seek Joy.”  Be like a bird set free & fly. Know that your song of joy is the healing balm that draws people out of their pain and into the light & so I ask you to bring joy into your heart first before you go forth to share it.  Light each others lamps & let love shine today in your actions, in your words, with your smile shining from your heart.” Wild Woman

Today on the East Coast & NYC we are all reeling from the storm.  We need to re-root and feel safe.  Honor your feelings, feel your tears and celebrate that your alive today.  Today I’m taking time to wrap the little girl part of me in my embrace and let her know that its not her fault.  I’m letting her know that its ok for her to play & love life & help people because she wants to & it makes her happy.  Today I’m going to sing a song and let that be my prayer of healing & joy for all of us here affected by the storm.  Tomorrow I’m leading a free, healing after the storm tele-circle.  Click here to join me.

“Birds sing after a storm: why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?”

-Rose Kennedy ( at 93 after losing 4 of her children to violent deaths)

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