Here in the Dark, Wild Light Shines Bright: Celebrate St Lucy,Guadalupe and the New Moon

Here are some of the Wild Woman messages I’ve been receiving and musings about the new moon, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Day, St Lucia’s Day and the return of light.  This brings me back to December 2007 to facilitating my second women’s circle ever.  This is what I wrote:


This month we will be calling in light born from the darkness of winter to heal and shine forth our gifts as women…Just as a baby that grows in the dark fertile womb for nine months, our gifts, our light, are often born of our darkness.

In the bleak midwinter a light shines through the darkness; when all is cold and gloom, the sky bursts into splendor, and in the dark cave is born the Light of the World.”
Clement A. Miles


Today, December 12th 2015, I’m sharing daily messages from Wild Woman on instagram. These come to me when I connect with her in the Be Wild Woman morning practice of coming home to my body that she’s guided me to create and share with women. She speaks to me in images, words and through what I feel in my body. She’s asked me to share them with you. Hope you enjoy them.

  You can find and follow me there at KianaLovesArt.  Here’s today’s and yesterday’s messages:   


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Sink down. Let go of the door. Stop standing in the doorway. Come inside. Surrender. Go deeper still into the wild. You must sink deep within my embrace to find your way home. Allow my darkness to envelop you in care that you may be born anew. Here in the dark wild light shines bright.  Daily message from Wild Woman12-12-15


I’m still enjoying the new moon energy from Friday and taking time to sink deep and renew. I invite seeds of care to take root in the dark and the light to return to shine upon me. There is lots of loving care you can call on today via nature at the New Moon the approaching winter solstice and sacred celebrations from different traditions.

Today is Lady of Guadalupe’s day, symbol of faith and miraculous healing via the divine feminine. On this day people gather to sing mañanitas and greet the dawn. Tomorrow is St Lucy’s Day and Lucina Roman Goddess of light reminding us that here in the dark of night light is birthed anew. Next weekend the solstice marks the return of light. Even as winter continues its important to remember that summer will return. Relax, turn inward and rest.  Just as a baby that grows in the dark fertile womb for nine months, our gifts, our light, are often born of our darkness,

Come summer we will celebrate and dance in the sun once more.  Can’t wait? Come celebrate and dance with me at our Wild Abundant Woman Full Moon Holiday Revel in NYC on Dec 27th 1-3p

  Yesterday’s Wild Woman Daily Message:

To live wild is to heal; to flow, breathe, dance, sing. It begins with this breath, being willing to feel, to awaken your senses. Free yourself. Surrender. Dance the dance of life with me. Together we dance, we heal, we live, we are wild. Daily message from Wild Woman. 12-11-15. Happy New Moon. This morning Wild Woman offers healing hope. This piece started with the red life force and then the black representing mental stuckness and resulting pain. Then as the healing energy flowed in the blue, green and pink began to transform the black. So it is in your body and life. Where you are willing to notice, feel and live, you invite life in to flow, dance, heal and transform you. Today at the new moon, take time to turn inward, feel and allow life in to nurture you. Let the dark of the moon envelop you in care. I’m inviting life in today. In this breath I choose to surrender to live and be wild. I welcome you to join me. #bewildwoman #bewildnow #artheals #meditation #yogini #chakras #danceoflife #surrender #selflove #freeyourself #wildwoman #wildandfree #wildart #newmoon #iamwoman #sacredwoman #freeyourmind #freeyourbody #rewild

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