Full Moon Abundance Dinner

Abundant Full Moon Message from Wild Woman

Here is a message I received from Wild Woman regarding this month’s November Full Moon Gathering. I’ve been heeding Wild Woman’s call to offer monthly gatherings at Be Wild Woman to restore and celebrate the wild abundance of nature in women.

“This time, a lens of gratitude of family will be focused on and the abundance of pressure of time and perfection, despite the fact that those two have nothing to do with the holiday itself.  How on one hand there is what bounty “should” look like v.s your actual abundance. This time there is a space to clear for abundance, what a woman wants, is grateful for inside herself, what is flowing to her and what is stuck, this space at the full moon event will give her a sanctuary to be with community and have healing tools to both be in a place of want and gratitude.  There will be more ancestral healing for the land of America, the bloodshed of people, the bloodshed of animals, the bloodshed of the trees the bloodshed of the land, itself.  

Gratitude to heal and feel what has been denied needs healing too: the lineage of people who were already here, the lineage of immigrants, the land, the trees.  If we cannot receive in our hearts we cannot give.

There will be a connection and healing of family as well, whether they connected to you by blood or not.  We need to be able to be open and safe to connect with our families.  Thankful for love, thanksgiving of the heart, thanksloving of the heart.”

She calls all those with a desire to heal generational wounds and patterns resulting from not only familial energy/bloodlines but also the violence upon the Earth and all it’s inhabitants throughout our lifetime and the lifetimes before.  This gathering is for women who are seeking to embrace abundance in all it’s forms, positive or negative and all that is to come.

I’m celebrating my birthday here this month with gratitude.  Hope you’ll join me.

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