Start Loving Couples Weekend… in time for Valentines Day!

Start Loving in Time for Valentines Day

Guides:  Kiana Love & Billy Cochrane

Free Loving in the Storm Healing Call  Jan 11th 7-8pm  click here for mp3 recording 

when: Jan 18-20th  Fri: 7-9pm/ Sat: 2-4pm/ Sun:   2-4pm
where: Be Wild Woman 230 W 72nd st #2R
investment: $350   Click here to register for workshop

Create authenticity in your Relationship and discover the love you deserve.

  •   Connect emotionally and physically.
  •  Learn to trust each other.
  •  Stop blaming each other.

We were lost in the darkness with a dying relationship, but we found our way through to a loving relationship where we finally get to be ourselves.

My husband and I have created a weekend journey into love using meditation, healing, ritual, & massage massage, sharing the communication & healing tools that have helped us to feel safe to be intimate with each other & loving even when in the storm & disagreeing.

As survivors of childhood trauma & violence we have learned to hold space for each other’s inner child & play together, even in the rain.   We’ve learned to shine & receive love even in troubled times and are looking forward to sharing some of these gifts with you.  Join us for a return to love weekend.  We will share our story & guide us into loves embrace.

yours in love

Kiana Love & Billy Cochrane

Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, guides women to recconnect with their bodies & the wisdom inherent within them.  She is a spiritual healer & wild woman coach who draws from a wide range of healing modalities & personal experience on her journey from trauma to joyful wildness to empower women & couples.  She has b.s. in behavior science and graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2000.  She graduated from Sacred Centers as a chakra healer & teacher & also has certifications in reflexology, vinyasa yoga, & health coaching.  Some of the places she’s presented include Ballibay Performing Arts Camp, The Divine Feminine Conference at COSM, Jivamukti, Sacred Sexuality Roundup, PEX, Eve’s Garden, Sexy Spirits, & East West Books.

William Cochrane is a member of the Blackfeet Indian Nation, of Browning Montana. He is the creator of, The Dark Dandy, a celebration of the buried life. Also a musician,
William has been playing in front of audiences large and small for more than 25 years. A recovered alcoholic and drug abuser, William has worked as a Community Health Outreach Worker in San Francisco, as well sitting on The HIV PREVENTION PLANNING COMMITTEE, which guides the San Francisco Department Of Health in allocating HIV/AIDS funding. William’s interest in spiritualty has led him to investigate many areas of worship, from Gnostic Christianity and his own American Indian Spiritualty, to Eastern Indian Spiritual practices. William brings all these experiences to his sessions with Men and couples.





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