Amma Comes to NYC

New York will once again be hosting Amma during her U.S. Summer Tour. She will be here Tuesday, July 7th; Wednesday, July 8th and Thursday, July 9th. All programs will be held at the Manhattan Center, 311 W. 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. They are free of charge. Click here for more info.

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Amma holds a special and infinitely vast space in my heart. I chose the name Love as a reminder to be loving in everything that I do. Seeing Amma on her yearly visit to NYC has provided me an opportunity to be filled with unconditional loving energy and supports me in being loving throughout the rest of the year.

I first met her through an intense, muscled, wildly tattooed and big-hearted Scorpio friend of mine. I went to see her and waited for hours to get a hug from her and next thing I knew, I was hooked. The next day, I went back and received a mantra which has supported me in my healing.

She is an amazing embodiment of loving divine mother energy. I start every healing session I do by inviting her loving presence in. Meeting with her is a wonderful way of connecting to your own divine mother goddess nature. I invite you to join me and drink your fill of the loving energy that permeates the air when she is here..

You can join me Tuesday morning when she first comes to town or during her puja Thursday evening.

Kiana Love

“As the embodiment of supreme motherhood, she welcomes every person who comes to her, listens to his or her problems, offers advice and guidance, and brings reassurance to a troubled heart.”

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