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I was just sent this by a friend and would like to extend to you the opportunity to help out a women’s shelter.  I would also like to invite you to think about how you can make a difference.  Perhaps a provider or manufacturer that you know could be encouraged simply by asking to donate to a local shelter.  Please share any creative ideas you come up with.

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Kiana Love

  You probably never thought of this, but women’s shelters in the U.S. go through thousands of tampons and pads monthly. Assistance agencies generally help with expenses of “everyday” necessities such as toilet paper, diapers, and clothing, but one of the most BASIC needs is overlooked – feminine hygiene products. “Every month” necessities seem to have fallen through the.ahem – well, they’ve been overlooked.

Seventh Generation, a green paper products and cleaning products company, has a do-good attitude and will donate a box of sanitary products to a women’s shelter in your chosen state – just for clicking the link. Talk about easy, and, yes, it is legitimate!

Thanks for helping out. Please pass this on. It takes two seconds.

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