Your Digestive Fire & Spice: DINacharya Ayurveda Weekend with Dr. Nambi 11/30-12/1

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I”m excited to host my Ayurveda school, DINacharya’s autumn training module this  weekend, here at Be Wild Woman!  You are in for a treat!  My favorite Ayurveda expert, Dr. Nambi, is visiting us from India to share ayurvedic wisdom vital to your health. He will be talking about your digestive fire & how to use spices to bring your health into balance.  Without proper nourishment & digestion health & vitality are not possible.

Ayurveda is a timeless science that transcends cultures, religions, time and modernity. Practiced continuously on the planet for the past 5000 years and originating in South Asia, Ayurveda offers the brain, mind, heart, and soul a path back to natural living, among modern life.

Saturday: Agni – Our Digestive Fires
Sunday: Herbs – Dravya Guna and Deeper Use of Spices

DATE: Sat/Sun. November 30 + December 1, 2013

TIME: 9am to 6pm

PLACE: Be Wild Woman Healing Center230 W 72nd  St

FEE:  $350 for non-DIN students, $250 for DIN students

$175 for Saturday only, $175 for Sunday only

Dr. Nambi will also be demonstrating a clinical protocol, which you will learn and be able to use after the weekend, called aksha tarpana, similar to netra basti, for reducing fire in the eyes and improving vision.

TEACHER: DIN faculty member Dr. Nambi Namboodiri
Pallatheri Nambi Namboodiri, BAMS, MD (ayu), was initiated into the field of Ayurveda from an early age by his maternal grandfather who was a hastaayurvedaacharya. He has grown up with pet baby elephants and is a devout follower of Ganesh. Dr. Nambi practices Ayurveda both in Kerala and in Chennai, where he also teaches at an ayurvedic college in his specialty, Dravya Guna. He is a director of Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala, a subsidiary of the award-winning Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Group ( Dr. Nambi is a consummate Ayurvedic physician, and is interested in teaching authentic Ayurvedic protocols that interface with modern medicine.

I’ll be coordinating this workshop as Dr. Bhaswati, founder & director of DINacharya will be unable to be in NYC.  She is currently visiting Faculty & Senior Research Fulbright Scholar at Bhanaras Hindu University furthering the future of Ayurveda and will be back with us next year.  In the meantime we are delighted to have Dr. Nambi back again.

Please send me a message if you will be attending with your name, phone number & email.


Lotus in Dahl lake, Kashmir1999Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment

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