Shine Just Because.

Here’s a message via words and art that came through this morning in my morning Wild Woman practice.  It was just what I needed to here to ease the part of me that thinks I need to get things done and right before allowing myself to shine.  This reminds me to see, feel and express beauty in every moment.  It reminds me there is no where I need to be but this moment right now.  Hope you enjoy this message too. <3 Kiana

Shine Just Because . “Not because you did a good job, someone likes you, you made money,you got a house or you got it done.  Shine because you do….when you allow it you get to enjoy it.

Take the cloth from your eyes, raise the blinds, open your eyes, inward and outward.
If you allowed yourself to see the see the light that shines through, your sunglasses would not be able to shade you from the light that you are.
Surrender the bondage of “self” and let shine the brilliant light that you are.
Thou art That”

channeled by Kiana Love







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