Wild Woman Abundance Brunch — July 5th

Ready to manifest the abundance of nature in your life?
Want to join forces and empower women?
Claim your feminine power and surrender to your abundance.

I am heeding Wild Woman’s call to offer you a monthly gathering at Be Wild Woman to restore and celebrate the wild abundance of nature in women.

Join together to….

* Feel at home in your body

* Share your intentions and open to the flow of abundance that is inherent in nature: in the beauty of sunrise, in a field of flowers, in the leaves of a tree.

*Ask for what you want and open to receive it.

* Clear blocks, heal wounds around money, security, and worthiness to receive & create.

* Free yourself to receive nature’s bounty.

* Co-create and celebrate your wild abundant lives.

* Feel the support of a circle of sisters

* Laugh, network, dream and enjoy yummy food.
(bring something delicious and nourishing to share)

This is Be Wild Woman’s vision: to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, safe, nurtured, free to express themselves, and to realign with nature.

Bring your desires, intentions, dreams & visions to be blessed, manifested and celebrated!

Monetary exchange: $20

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