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Wild Woman Fall Into Love Reading & Healing: *Special Discount

Fall into Love: Wild Woman Reading & Healing with Kiana Love   Be Wild Woman

Special Discount if you book this week!

This is for you if:

  • You would like to check in with your body and reset your course for Fall.
  • You judge and criticize yourself and would like a more self-loving enjoyable way to get what you want.
  • You are tired of struggling and pushing your body.
  • You would like to partner with nature and your body to live and manifest a life you love.
  • You would like to let go of fear and surrender to love.


Set your intention for Fall together with your wild land; your body and Mother Earth.  Clarify, empower and tend to your vision with tarot, channeled messages, angelic and Wild Woman intuitive healing with Wild Woman Healer and Founder of Be Wild Woman Kiana Love. Create a wild-care plan and receive nurturing healing energy from Wild Woman. It’s time to shed your leaves and turn within. Sink your roots down and let Nature nurture you. Let love reveal itself to you. 90 minutes.

Here’s  a special Fall Equinox discount for you! 

Purchase by Wednesday Sept. 30th. Redeem by October 31st

Equinox Week Special $175    Regular  $250

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About Kiana:

Kiana is passionate about empowering women to reclaim and love their bodies.  Her passion stems from her personal journey; recovery from trauma,  healing from sexual violence, painful cycles, cysts, depression, and shame.  Kiana draws from her personal healing journey, studies of the feminine, sacred sexuality, energy healing, nutrition, chakra healing, ayurveda and creativity to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, safe, nurtured and loved.

Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston, and has certifications in somatic healing and holistic health.  She is an intuitive Wild Woman Healer, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Instructor, Vortex Healer, Holistic Health Counselor, Herbalist, Reflexologist, Interfaith Minister and Yoga Teacher.

Here’s what women have been saying about working with Kiana:

“Getting a tarot reading from Kiana made me feel like I had a direct intermediary with the forces behind the cards. I felt that she took the time to connect with me and the threads of my life and took this into account when she interpreted the cards. Her manner was thoughtful and soothing and she took the time to gather her thoughts and articulate clearly without losing nuance or subtlety, what the patterns in the cards were telling her. At the end of the reading, I was left with a feeling of serenity and calm and new insights with which to understand the past, make the most of the present, and move forward into the future.”
~Anne Smith


Kiana is a brilliantly sensitive healer, visionary and body centered imgres-1guide for woman who enables women to restore the essence of their being as the divine and wild feminine. I cannot recommend her more highly. You will be fortunate to work with her.

Donna LeBlanc, M.Ed., NYMHC
Spiritual Psychotherapist
Best-selling Author: The Passion Principle and You Can’t Quit Til’ You know What’s Eating You.



Sheri Winston headshot, high-res“Kiana Love has that rare combination of natural talent and training that make her an exceptional healing practitioner. Her intuition, energy skills, love and compassion, grounded in her extensive education culminate in her profound ability to do deep healing work. As a wise guide on your journey, she’ll ease your passage and empower you in your process. She can gift you with new visions of paths to feeling whole. Put yourself in her hands and you’ll be glad you did.”
~Sheri Winston ~CNM, RN, BSN, LMT, founder of Center for the Intimate Arts. Wholistic Sexuality Educator, Author of award winning book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal


“Kiana has a special gift for zeroing in on the higher purpose of any situation and helping people access the abundant spiritual support and guidance that is available to them. My readings with Kiana have given me tremendous clarity, comfort, and understanding during some of the most challenging times in my life. I’m grateful to have received the blessing of her work.”

Melissa Zwanger NVC Coach and Trauma Recovery Specialist


Kiana has a glowing youthful agelessness with the serene wisdom of wild woman. She has a talent of sharing the mystical, spiritual, and angelic in such a way that can penetrate, resonate and transform a left brained person.

377425_10151307621553623_1471313267_nHer warm kind softness made me feel at ease and at home. She provides a serene, tranquil, safe space for healing effortlessly. Sit back, relax as she softly and gently guides you into your own body and your own healing at your own perfect pace. Like a true spiritual leader, she allows you to uncover and rediscover your own truths and power that have always been there.

Paulina Rzeczkowski, M.D, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Poet


I believe the Tarot is a very powerful tool for gaining clarity, insight, and solutions for just about any personal problem one is facing. Using a unique “three-act” Celtic Cross spread, Kiana shed light on a number of issues in my life, past and present. Her talent for intuitively uncovering and stringing together pertinent pieces of my life story through the cards not only impressed me – it motivated me to re-examine old beliefs as well as refocus on what’s important to me. Truly, a dynamic offering of much-needed reminders, new perspectives, and sage advice. Thank you, Kiana!
Noelle V. Dor. Healer, Artist



New Moon: Be Wild Woman Red Tent– Sept

When: Wednesday Sept 16th 6:00-8:30pm

Where: 230 W 72nd st Suite # 2R
Tickets:    Click here to reserve your spot   $35     

Wild Woman calls you.  She invites you to celebrate your cycles and realign with nature at the new moon…with art, healing, yoga, journaling, food, nurturing, pampering and women-power!

The Red Tent here at Be Wild Woman offers a deep experience of wild woman healing and grounding for us to come together in sisterhood. Wild Woman has asked me to create a crystal healing grid for her to work through and to offer a Wild Woman Root Attunement to ground you.  Through the grid you will receive a transmission of healing energy.  As the energy comes through I will share channelled messages from Her,

She beckons you to come to her sanctuary to root, rest grow & flourish with tender care.  Relax, rest your feet, give your mind a vacation. Nurture your belly, womb and heart. Journal, express, create, share stories and sink into cushions into pampered safe space to dream, create and renew.  Sit in our wild garden. Enter into sacred space for you to bless and sanctify your body




Who is welcome:
Women of all ages, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, welcome from first menses through menopause.

To provide a safe, sacred pleasurable space for you to celebrate your cycles, reclaim your power and the power of women gathered together. We honor the ancient traditions of women gathering each month at the new moon during their bleeding time and gather in modern time to celebrate each others lives, whether we are bleeding or not. We celebrate, birth, cycles, transitions and you today to provide a safe, pleasurable space for you to reclaim your

Come to:
*take a break from doing, taking care of others, etc.
* love your body
* nurture and pamper yourselfWomen's Walk 2011 022
* restore and balance your cycles
* reclaim your feminine power
* release negative messages about your body
* join a supportive circle of women
* rest, dream, journal, create, express, stretch
* share your feelings, hopes, dreams, desires
* co-create and experience a safe space for women to be free.
*receive a earth-yoni womb blessing.
*receive Wild Woman Grounding Attunement to re-root and connect you with the earth.
*receive wild woman healing energy
* Chakracize! Awaken, Root, Empower, Delight! Discover your body’s wild wisdom and journey through your body’s energy centers (chakras). Claim your power and pleasure with a blend of love your body, stretching, meditation, energy and dance..  Say yes your life!

What you will find:
an inviting soothing space with warm soft light, wood floors, healing crystals, nature- inspired decor

Cushions to sit up, nest and recline

Blankets to curl up in or under.

Space to connect, contemplate, rest or explore

Delicious, nourishing snacks and herbal teas.  You are welcome to bring some to share.

Nurture Your Body station with massage tools, essential oils, lotion, foot bath and more.

Creativity Station with art supplies; journal, paper, crayons, pencils, pastels, scissors, etc

Intuition Corner with meditation space, intuitive card decks; goddess, tarot, angels

Expression Dress up Station with  costume props to express your wildness, from playful to sexy.

Creativity Nook with art supplies; journal, paper, crayons, pencils, pastels, scissors, etc

Library of women’s healing and creativity books

A space for you to be you.

This is a monthly event! Save the dates for upcoming
Sunday Oct 11th 1-4p
healing the womb logoBe Wild Woman is a healing sanctuary that empowers women to feel at home in their bodies, safe nurtured and loved.  Be Wild Woman offers healing programs and community events that teach, support and inspire women to align with nature and reclaim their wild feminine power.  We offer women healing tools and spiritual support to  reclaim their innate, sacred, creativity, healing and power via the wild woman archetype. We are located in New York City on the Upper West Side.  Be Wild Woman was founded in 2006 by Wild Woman Healer, Kiana Love to create a safe space for women  to be wild.

By wild we mean growing and living in your natural state, free to be you.

About Kiana:
10985226_10152946097294495_6123365182213424598_nKiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, partners with women in deep experiential work where they are seen, heard, and held. Kiana use various exercises, tools and modalities of bioenergetics, breath work, chakra healing, reflexology, meditation and yoga, body mindfulness and guided relaxation to create an experience of deep safety and acceptance in their bodies.

Here I am ~ 9-1-15 message from Wild Woman

message coming through from Wild Woman

I went to the beach early this morning; went swimming, watched the sun rise and did my Home in My Body practice with Wild Woman.  Then I sat with her and let her come through in energy, words and art.  You can sit with this image and words and connect with her too.  Notice what you are aware of feeling in your body, let her speak to you through your senses….feelings, sensations, images, words.  Come home to your body and be wild.


Here I am...message from Wild Woman
Here I am…message from Wild Woman

Here’s her message:

Here I am.  Here where you have slowed down to see me.  Here in the waves, here in your breath.  Feel me here.  The rhythm of life is in you too. Watch the sunrise with me.  Swim in my waves. Inhale, exhale.  Each wave a unique expression, like you.


sunrise swim and practice on the beach
sunrise swim and practice on the beach




7-16-15 Free your breath

It’s wonderful to be unplugged from the city and most of technology this week. I keep these little forays into the internet short and sweet. It’s feels luxurious to be fully present all day, with no phone, Facebook, subway, traffic, or office work to distract me, and only take a few minutes to check and tend to vital tasks that can’t wait.   When I’m done here I’m going to a workshop to make green goddess art with clay.  Here’s the wild channeled message from Wild Woman of the day for you.  <3


Free your breathe from it’s muscular cage. Feel where you restrict it….




Today you’ll have to play with this labyrinth to explore freedom. I usually write the words from the art which is back at my campsite where there’s no wifi so have fun discovering the message yourself. Have fun.

7-14-15 Stop thinking, feel your way…

I’m enjoying a retreat from the city, slowing down and dancing around the fire.  The Be the Bunny workshop today was so much fun today. I wish you could have been here to manifest abundance with hippity hops and play.  Did you know that one bunny has the potential of multiplying to more than 47,000 in just three years? Today Wild Woman reminds us to just stop getting stuck with thinking. It sure helped me stop thinking and allow play to infuse my day. My inner 3 year old has untapped wisdom in her unbounded joy I know yours does too. <3


Stop thinking. Feel your way through within nature. Your instinctive nature; in birds, cats, bunnies dogs, a wolf. Inside you there is a wisdom you comprehend by thinking.

Let your breath flow. Sink into the rhythm. Your truth dances in your blood and in your bones.


Wild Woman -via Kiana Love


7-11-15 Let the nebula flow through you

Here’s my morning wild channeling of the day.  This one feels expansive like the stars across the night sky out in the woods with the colors of a sun-drenched morning.  <3

When you surrender into the flow of nature
you surrender into the vastness of the universe
The earth and the stars experience heaven on earth.
Let go of your breath.
Inhale, Exhale
Let the nebula flow through the ocean of your breath.

Wild Woman- channeled by Kiana Love


7-10-15 Let yourself play

Here’s my daily wild channeling. Love this morning message. Felt the dance in my morning practice. <3


Let yourself play.
I flow through you.
Dance in the joy of life, flowing through you


6-23-15 Let love wash over you

Good Morning,
I’m enjoying the quiet of the morning and taking time to to feel this moment.  I wish you a day filled with love and possibilities.  Here’s my wild channeling of the day from my morning practice with Wild Woman.  I never know what’s going to come, words, drawings, color or what I will notice and feel as they come through.  I liked the splash of yellow, like liquid love from the sun shining and pouring through along with the wave, like a tidal wave of love.    Enjoy <3