Celebrating Earth Day – A Revolutionary Way to Honor & Heal the Earth.

I am so excited to celebrate Earth Day with you this Sunday. Please click this link for all the event details and tickets.

In celebration of all that is Earth day I wanted to remind you that reclaiming your body is a revolutionary way to honor & heal the Earth.

When we love and honor our own bodies it is only natural that we will love our wild mother earth.  You can’t  honor and nurture in nature, what you  ignore and reject in yourself.

Reclaiming your body is a revolutionary act.  It is the ultimate way to be green.

A woman in tune and in love with her body is rooted, in bloom, and instinctively feels her connection to the earth. It is natural for her to trust herself, nurture herself and others.   She is aware of how sacred and precious life is.

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to bring your body into harmony and security.  Your very being, your cells resonate with the rhythms of nature.  Notice how when you walk out in the woods, your mind clears, you feel energized, and at peace.

My wish for you is that you know that you are the wild nature.  The beauty, joy, power, and serenity you see out in nature is a reflection of your own wild nature.  You are as a flower or a tree in the garden of humanity, a flower growing in nature, unique, beautiful, powerful and essential.  You are perfect in natures eyes just the way you are.

When you take away the shame, fear, self hatred, wounds what is left is your true nature, the love, joy and delight that your presence gifts the world.

Take time this weekend to combine loving your body & loving the earth.  Eat nurturing sustainable foods, enjoy sunshine, feel soft grass under your feet, touch soft velvety leaves & petals, allow your body to be nourished, nurtured and pleasured by mother earth.  Then send her all your love & gratitude.

Thanks Mom for making me wild!

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