Spring Break Series: A Poem to Earth, My Love

This month here at the Wild Woman Tribe, we are being called to step outside and be free in nature and in our bodies.

As I think about the link between Earth and us and the connections between us all I am reminded of a poem I wrote a while back, which I am called to share with you again today. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to step outside and reconnect.


Earth my love

I am part of the earth as you are part of the earth, our earth.
I am birthed of the earth, she is my mother, our mother.
You are my sister, my brother, my love.
You breathe the air I breathe, our air.
You walk the ground I walk, our ground.

You cry the tears I cry, our tears.
You laugh the laughter I hear and feel, our laughter.
You smile the smile I see, the smile that makes me smile too, our smile.
Your heart beats as does mine, our rhythm, our song.
You love with your beating heart as I do.
Our hearts sing one song when we love.

Your heart is my heart, your sorrow my sorrow
You are me, as I am you.
You are me that wakes in the morning in bed with me, my love.
You are me that births me into this world, I am you, flesh from your flesh.
You are me that holds my hand, that sees me across the subway train in the morning.
You are me that wakes, that weeps, that is born across the world.
You are the earth. I am the earth. I am you, you are me.

I must remember this and honor this with every breath.
You are my love.
I must remember this when I seek my joy; when I take the journey through sorrow, allowing myself to feel what is, this world of feelings within me.
I must remember that I take this journey to joy, of being me, of feeling free to be me,
I take it for you and me.
It is you that I love, when I love me.

I am part of the earth as you are part of the earth.
I am the earth and I love her.

Kiana Love

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