Gallery of Womb Shrine making women & girls!

Just got the pictures from last Sunday up!  Check them out!

We had so much fun in the sun, shaping little wombs over balloons and wrapping dripping plaster strips around the wire frame of our Womb Shrine.  Someone commented that it felt like what they imagine a quilting party must have been like, women gathered talking, listening and sharing about what matters.  We empathized about heartaches and challenges growing up,  celebrated children & weddings & laughed about silly things.  I love how easily and organically we all worked together.  We started out with an idea of how it would end up instead of an exact plan.  We trusted that together we would figure it out.   The creating took on a life of its own and just like a beautiful stream took some meandering twists & turn to result in a beautiful unique womb.  It is the perfect metaphor for the beauty of a l wild woman, unique, beautiful in her own nature.   Every woman is a unique beautiful creation from the day she is born.

Today I’m continuing the adventure, sewing pearls along her edges, lining her with soft shimmery fabric, sewing curtains.  Tomorrow we decorate & celebrate her & every woman at the Fall Equinox and International Peace Day.  I can’t wait..come join me!  Click here for details 



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