Check out Jazz Pianist Hiromi~She’s got Wild Rhythm

Check out wild woman Hiromi! The wildness that came through in photos captured my attention when I read a review of her on jazzinkblog. Check the post below & follow for more info & pics of this wild jazz pianist. I searched around and found this video on youtube..and yeah she’s got wild rhythm. Her wild expression is mesmerizing, powerful, connected, at times joyfully bubbling up & at other times fiercely roaring. When I watch her play with the keys on the piano, caressing, pouncing, with her face in ectasy, I am transported back to the freedom I felt as a child when I would lose myself in my piano practice for an hour a day. I remember what felt beyond words found expression and relief there as I played. Looking back I realize that along with books into which I escaped, it was one of the places I felt free to be wild.


With Hiromi, Solo is the Place to Be by Andrea Canter on Jazzink.blogspot

I saw her Friday night (March 5) in Chicago at the Jazz Showcase and was entranced. I saw her Monday night at the Dakota and was thoroughly dazzled and charmed. I saw her again Tuesday night, and by the end of the last set, I was convinced I had heard the most exciting night of piano jazz in my own history. The best? Probably not a fair question…. I’ve seen Jarrett, Peterson, Brubeck, McPartland, Hersch, Barron, Tyner, Jamal and more. Hiromi is only 30—it’s too early to burden her with “legend” status. But it is not too early to predict she will get there. For now, let’s say she may have few living peers in terms of her combination of virtuosity, ferocity, and even delicacy. It’s an exhilarating, and charming, package.

Jeff Tamarkin associate editor of JazzTimes writes…”she’s a wild woman, a fleet-fingered, hyper-animated dynamo whose stage persona is so hopelessly engaging that, at Manhattan’s Blue Note last October, she can’t help but draw gazes away from her far-better-known band mates: Stanley Clarke and Lenny White. Bolting upright from the piano stool, hunching over the keys, hair flying, face scrunching into a grimace, open-mouthed grin omnipresent as she alternately attacks and caresses her Yamaha grand, Hiromi Uehara, age 30, borders on the flamboyant.” for rest of article click here

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