wanting healing is nothing to feel stigma or shame about….it’s beautiful

As a Be Wild  intern I loved our wombing circle today. I shared a piece about why I believe our work is important and the words I wrote gave me power. I find great strength from telling my story. I also learned many things and it was a beautiful experience. I finish this day feeling blessed and in abundance of calm and wisdom.

Why I Belive in the Wombing Support Circle

I believe healing is for everyone because we are all affected by violence that is around us. Now matter what your experience, you can always improve upon your health and your happiness by consciously healing yourself. I am here because I believe that wanting healing is nothing to feel stigma or shame about. I am here to fight and represent the great need we have in our culture for communal healing practices and healing spaces. The knowledge of the worldwide trafficking of women and children as sex slaves, the exploitation of our mother earth, forced sterilizations and testing of experimental pharmaceuticals on poor women of color in the U.S., violent attitudes towards women in the media, health issues of the womb and each of our individual experiences of trauma in life all affect our collective sexual consciousness, behaviors, thought patterns and physical health. Yet, we have the power within each of us as women to transform this internalized violence by deepening our connection to our bodies, our womanhood and our love for ourselves. In sharing connection and understanding as a group we all achieve a deeper understanding of our own selves.

This learning to love myself has been elemental for my growth. Taking the time to relax my body, to accept my body and to love my body as it is has been profound for me. Without these skills that our culture does not teach us, we struggle loving ourselves and we struggle honoring our needs. We forget to honor our body over all others, not learning that we can only reach our giving potential by taking care of ourselves first. I have been practicing loving myself,  making time for myself and honoring the intuition I feel inside me.

I also practice controlling my thoughts, not allowing myself to criticize myself or others, trying very hard not to focus on negative things. I went to a Bhagavad-Gita spiritual talk recently and the teacher, Dr Raj Gulati, said “whatever a mind thinks, it becomes, so treat your thoughts with great respect.” That phrase resonated with me and has helped guide me on my journey of honoring myself, honoring my skills and honoring my gifts to the world.

It is beautiful to want to heal and love yourself. The work we do is important for ourselves so that we may in turn reach out to support other women. We remember that healing is a gradual process, that it comes bit by bit. No one can heal without their consent. Only they can make that decision for themselves, and it must be a conscious intention.

Wombing Lessons

I really enjoyed the wombing circle. I like when we go around the circle and state our intention. My intention was build community and sisterhood. We talked about our womb being our home, our safe space that we can come to. We talked about tuning into our bodies and feeling our womb. What is our womb telling us? We envisioned our womb as a safe space—what does it look like? How does it feel? We presented our intentions in an offering to the goddesses, offering things we love about ourselves, things we want to improve upon, and then we blessed ourselves with the sacred water.

Over dinner I learned about how we store our life experiences in our physical body, and our uterus takes care of us. Our womb is our natural detoxifier that works automatically every month to cleanse our bodies from toxins, emotional pain and stress. We talked about noticing our monthly cycles, behaviors and moods. We talked about how everything is related and the way you treat your body at one time of the month will affect your cycle at another time of the month. That is the womb talking back and saying she does not like these internalized pains and stressors. She can talk back in many forms, including: PMS, cramps, heavy bleeding, light bleeding, irregular periods, fibroids, cysts and any number of other problems. The womb is the wisest part of the body, the most sensitive and is our home. I intend to respect her.

Namaste, Kerry Weber

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