Women need to feel safe to Be Wild

“I use “womb” as a verb: to create and cultivate safety and healing in your body & in your life; to empower women to nurture, protect themselves and each other.

I realized that women need to womb to be wild. In order for us to let go and express with wild abandon we have to first feel safe. We have not felt safe or protected. Every day in our communities and around the world women are raped beaten, enslaved, & mutilated. Without safety wildness becomes distorted; wildly out of control, disconnected, ungrounded.

The wild I’m talking about is the wildness you see in a lush plant that’s been nurtured & protected, that sinks down deep roots, and has room, feels safe to grow tall and take up room. A garden grows because it is nurtured, rooted, & protected. In the same way we need to feel nurtured, protected, rooted, and safe. We need to feel safe to unfold to our true potential and be wild.

Here at Be Wild Woman, finding love starts with loving and nurturing yourself. Be Wild Woman provides the tools & support for you to reclaim your body & love feeling sexy! Learning how to reclaim my body helped me move from feeling anxious, depressed, ashamed & uncomfortable with my body to feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy & free to express myself. I know it can help you too!”

Kiana Love

wild wombing

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