Just for today, I wil love myself, just as I am.

I just wrote a message to a client and realized its a message for all of us, including me.  In fact its just what I need to hear today.  Every day we need to remind ourselves.  We need to remind ourselves of the simple things..that love is what matters and the rest of the things we worry about, the mind chatter, the self judgement..all these things fade & resolve when we keep our focus on love.  Just for today, I will love myself just as I am, with every breath I take. I invite you to join me.

“You start the healing by holding space for the feeling.  Your body wants to be heard & wants to release the sadness.  Yes your healing will benefit your whole lineage. You heal your family & you heal the world when you heal yourself.  You may never know the answers to the questions you have about the past or why you’re where you are today..what you can discover is the truth of what you are feeling now & you can get the support you need today. 

The why is not the goal, the love for yourself that allows you to feel safe & to heal is.  This is what we are uncovering & connecting with the feeling work.  When you stop ignoring your feelings & start listening with love you are transforming self judgement, unworthiness into self loving & self worth.  Trust that you are on a sacred journey into love.  Shift the goal to loving yourself just as you are.

 It is never to late to have a happy childhood & to live a life of joy.  You can start now.  Take time to sit with your feelings..write them down..remember to breathe.  Just start with this breath..let it be loving & compassionate.  & just focus on today.  Looking forward to journeying into love with you.”

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  1. The facts of the past may be covered up, dense to my view, but the feelings are in my body. I am uncovering feelings that were hidden before. Releasing them is beautiful and painful. My body knows how to find its new way. I am on my way.

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