Don’t be Madonna, Get into Your Own Groove

It is with great joy that I write to you today, watching the world flow by, from my window along the east river.  Today I’m filled with music, rhythm and the delight of being in my body.   I wake up excited to be sharing joy with you.

This week I’m feeling the call of music in my body and in my bones.

Within us there is music, brilliance, rhythm and light.  Nature is within us.  The light, the music, they go together, just like the disco ball at the club only brighter and deeper.  The real party, our inner rhythms is inside!

Wondering how to follow the call, how to get to this fabulous party?

Well first you got to clear all the blocks, get past your internal bouncers and clear the dance floor.

The first and most important step is to create safety.  If your body doesn’t feel safe it’s going to stay in high alert and hold on for dear life.   The exits are sealed and all the defenses, and blocks build up on the inside.

The first thing I do in the morning, and the first thing I do with clients is create  safety.  I start my morning practice with my breath.   You can start now.. put your hand on your heart & take 3 deep slow breaths.

Often when they first come in they can’t even imagine a safe space, and I help them create an image & a feeling of safety.   I get excited about creating safety because I know it’s the way to the DELIGHT Party!  When they feel safe they can let the pain out and let the joy in!

kiana 01When you feel safe your body opens, your stomach relaxes, your shoulders come down, your jaw unclenches and you feel your feet on the ground. When you feel safe your body naturally wants to clear the way for the real party; a celebration of life, shining, bright, pumping, melodic, gentle, sensually swaying, joyful DELIGHT!

In the words of Madonna…”Come on….You can dance for inspiration!”

Let your body know you, love it & you’ll love living in it. Step beyond the velvet rope.  Get into your groove.

Here’s  a fun video I found of women getting into their groove, dancing to Madonna’s dance anthem.

Go ahead turn it up and dance!


**update  Oct 14,2014  — ok the video is no longer there.  Madonna probably made them take it down 🙁   So in addition to imagining this,  here’s a couple that do work:

Woman dancing like no ones watching in the park

Women making sexy their own:  Blurred Lines: Real Women

and Madonna getting into hers: Get into the Groove 

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