Let’s create a world where women feel safe to be wild!

Can you imagine a world where women feel safe to be wild?
Imagine a world where:

  • a woman can walk down the street without fear of being criticized, harassed, or assaulted, for what she’s wearing, how she’s walking or just for being a woman.
  • 1 in 4 girls aren’t sexually abused before they turned 18
  • 83% of girls in public school aren’t sexually harassed.
  •  You are celebrated for being yourself, following your intuition & going after your dreams.

wild woman joy

Women need to know how to feel, restore & create safety.  Otherwise we continue to perpetuate the trauma, living small & defensive.  We pass on the suffering to our children and theirs.  We survive & struggle instead of thrive and delight in a world of beauty.
When women don’t feel safe we perpetuate the violence.

Its time for it to stop here…with you and me.

I ask you to support my project & stand with me for women! Click here to donate.

My Be Wild Woman Program helps women create & restore sanctuary within, regardless of what happened to them.  I teach women how to birth their dreams within the sanctuary of their bodies.

I’m raising funds to write, update & expand my Be Wild Woman Rooting Program to reach women survivors of sexual violence.

The program has been growing and deepening and needs to be updated to reflect all the insight I’ve learned from my work.

 I’m going to Hawaii where I feel most nurtured, where there is sanctuary to tune into my inner guidance, & to write in solitude and apply more healing gifts to enrich the program.  I’m following the call, Wild Woman calls me to put to paper the wisdom that coming through me; by adding more materials, video, handouts and tools to my already powerful program.
 I need your support for this powerful program to root deeply and shine the way for women.  Fuel my fundraiser and stand with me for women.  I offer you rewards and my deep gratitude for as little as $5.

Let’s create sanctuary for women.

Women need to feel safe to shine their gifts in the world.
wild blissings
Kiana Love

What do we want? Joy!
When do we want it? Now!


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