How to frolic when summer is ending

Just because summer is ending does not have to mean the joy you feel frolicking with loved ones in the park, ocean or favorite summer getaway has to end.   The wild joy you find out there in nature also resides inside in nature…in your wild body.

The wild joy of being at home in your body,of being you, doesn’t have to depend on where you are or who’s with you.  When you’re at home in your body, the path to joy is yours.
In case you’re wondering, this is what I mean by wild, just as it says in the dictionary….
Wild: growing or living in a natural state; not domesticated; untamed.
Here is some ways you can stay in your pleasure and come home to your body.
 *Go out and immerse in nature often while its green and warm. Take your shoes off and feel the earth hold you.
 If it feels too hot you can go out early in the morning or late in the day when its cooler.
– go the the beach at sunset or sunrise
– go in the park and lay in the grass looking up at the trees
* Receive bodywork…massage, reflexology, touch
* Go dancing.  You can go out to dance or stay home and put on your favorite song

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