WorldWild Womb Blessing: Dancing Our Female Wildness – Sunday August 10th -Brunch & Beach Sunset

“Dancing our female wildness as we journey from light to darkness.
Go out under the stars and drum your feet on the earth.
Dance to the rhythm of your heart and to that of the Earth and stars.
We are women of magic, women of power and women of freedom.” 

 Miranda Grey founder of World Wild Womb Blessing

 Join Kiana Love, Moon Mother and founder of Be Wild Woman, this Sunday, August 10th for full moon group meditations. Restore the feminine as sacred, release old patterns and feel at home in your body.
Women’s Wild Womb Blessing Brunch
12:30p-2:30p  @ Be Wild Woman 230 W72nd 2R
Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement
Earth-Yoni Blessing
Wild Woman Energy Healing
Teas & snacks
Donation: $12-$24

Community Beach Sunset Womb Blessing
(men and children welcome )                                                                                                       6:30-8:00p  @ Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement for women
Abundance Meditation
Meditation for Men led by Billy
Group Home Womb Healing Meditation ( for the wombs that birthed us)
Suggested Donation: $4-$20

Receive a powerful worldwide womb blessing attunement channelled by healer Miranda Grey, founder of the Worldwide Womb Blessing and Moon Mothers around the world. Moon Mothers are healers certified and trained by Miranda to offer private womb healings and blessings.  At the last blessing in July 2014 there were over 65,000 women from over 130 countries worldwide.

Celebrate the return of the Enchantress archetype of the Earth Mother and welcome her wild magic, deep spirituality, inspirational creativity and power.”  Miranda Grey

This blessing is available to all women whether they have a womb or not and whether they have a cycle or not. The Divine Feminine energy is for all of us. The only condition for the womb blessing is that young girls must have had their first Moontime ( menses)  to receive the energy.  Click here for video from Miranda on what is the womb blessing.
The distance womb blessing is free for women worldwide and these live NYC circles are by donation.  The blessing is channelled through founder of the worldwide womb blessing Miranda Grey and Moon Mothers around the world.
Please rsvp & send us a message on our contact page with your name, email, phone and which blessing(s) you’ll be attending live on Sunday so we can plan accordingly. See below for more details for the live NYC circles.
Kiana offers private womb healing sessions  and blessings for women to enhance and support your womb blessing attunement.  She extends a special rate of $100 (regular rate $150) for 60 minute, womb healing sessions integrated with Wild Woman Healing, redeemable today to support you before and after the blessing this Sunday.  Womb healing sessions help clear blocks, integrate healing and restore the sacred balance of your cycle.  Must book by August 12th and redeem by August 19th Click here to book.
Women please bring:
a shawl
two small bowls ( fireproof so you can burn a tea light candle in it)
an item to put on the altar to honor the divine feminine ( i.e. stone, statue, flowers,
something nourishing and delectable to eat or drink to share.
Please arrive on time.  
Men ( for Community Beach Sunset only)
Please bring an open heart, your strength and masculine energy to dance with and support the feminine. Bring a small item you can hold in your hand to embue with the sacred wisdom and healing energy you receive.
***You must register to receive the distance healing, even if you’re coming to my live circle so Miranda has somewhere to send all the energy channeling through her and us Moon Mothers to you.  If you are coming to both events register for the one that you would like to focus most on receiving as the system only allows you to register for one.  You will receive the healing energy of Wild Woman and our circle at both but the Worldwide womb blessing through Miranda only at the one you register for.
You can join this full moon free distance 
World Wide Womb Blessing Attunement from anywhere
Wednesday May 13th:  
1a, 7a, 1p or 7p.  EST
Registration closes 12n Saturday August 9th.

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