Navaratri: 9 Days to Grow Wild with Divine Mother

Today starts 9 powerful days of Mother Goddess celebration, with Indian Festival Navartri.

Today invoke Kali Durga to remove negativity, fear, shame & anything that keeps you from loving & being yourself.

Wild Woman is calling us to grow under the Divine Mothers care.   She calls us to harness these 9 days to gather the strength we need to stand in our wildness and feel safe, free to be & express ourselves, and to share our wild gifts with the world. She calls you to claim your body as good & sacred and open to your inherent divine power.  Click here to read her call.

She invites you to celebrate the Mother Goddess and surrender to her love.  Honor the divine feminine & in return gain clarity, abundance, wisdom and surrender to the  power of creation that naturally flows through us.

I felt her call a few weeks ago in Ayurveda class at Dinicharya Institute.  When my teacher Bhaswati Bhattycharya was talking about growing up with this tradition, I felt the call tugging at my heart & my womb.  Imagine how amazing it  would be to grow up talking 9 days every year to honor & celebrate the feminine & women as manifestations of the divine.    I felt the excitement & longing in my body and knew I had to do it.    I’ve also felt the call to share this with you & invite you to join me.

Join me and take time each day in your home to invoke Wild Woman to root in the temple of your body, focus your intention & honor the Goddess.  See below for more info on Navarati & how to take your journey.

You are invited to join me on October 24th at Be Wild Woman’s Healing Center to culminate our journey with a ritual & celebration. Support Wild Woman’s intention to create sanctuary for women to express their wildness and to bring your powerful intention for us to support.   Rsvp required, spaces limited.

For those of you that can’t make it in person, I invite you to celebrate with us from wherever you are.  I will be posting details of how you can celebrate in the temple of your home.

Wild Woman Navaratri Journey:  Oct 16th-24th
Growing Wild with the Divine Mother

Oct 16th-23rd : 9 day journey
location: your home

Oct 24th: Celebration
location: Be Wild Woman Healing Center or your home
230 W 72nd st #2R  must rsvp to attend
donation:  $20


Your 9 Day Grow Wild with Divine Mother Journey

Through the 9 days we will be honoring different aspects of the Mother Goddess Durga

Day 1-3  Kali :clear negativity & impurities
Day 4-6  Lakshmi : receive abundance & prosperity
Day 7-9 Saraswati: receive wisdom

Setting up your altar:

Set up your altar as simple or as elaborate as you like. In this process I invite you to honor and invoke the divine via these Indian holy days in your own wild way.  Participate as feels right for you, honoring your own wild heart & beliefs. It may be that you invoke these Goddesses as the divine or that you harness their archetypal symbolism to awake the sacred within you.

place on your altar:

  • lamp or candle -Can be on continually or you can light each day for your practice.
    Traditionally its a lamp continuously burning, placed within a clay pot.
    Clay plot represents the universe, lamp is the divine feminine
  • Goddess images, yantras or statues
  • offerings to the Goddess, ie. flowers, garlands, grains, rice, tumeric, sandalwood paste

Setting your intention for this journey

What are you birthing in your life? i.e. I am rooted in safety, I am filled with pleasure in my harmonious relationship, I communicate clearly & powerfully

Daily Wild Navaratri Practice:

1) Sit at altar & light a candle

2) Take a deep breath: Invoke Wild Woman & root yourself in your body ( see file)

3) State Your Intention

4) Connect with Mother Goddess; offer her a prayer or chant & invite her to work through you

5) Give thanks

6) Take a breath to ground & Enjoy your day.

For more info on the journey we’re taking at Be Wild Woman or to rsvp to join us on October 24th for the culmination of Navaratri send me a message.



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