New Years Love Messages From Wild Woman

Here are two New Years Messsages from Wild Woman for you.

For the one above I asked Wild Woman  for guidance and support for the new year for me, my husband Blly our families and all of our sisters and brothers around the globe.

Here’s her message to you and me:

All is here in this wild breath. You are the world healing in this breath.

Stay in this moment.

While I was painting I had the sense of being held in nature’s wild womb, that creation and life is here to be experienced. I got the message that I don’t have to go chase after life, just open up to it and allow myself to experience it. ♡

And here is Her New Years Morning message for you:

Celebrate each moment.

This one breath



Take a few moments with each picture to take in Her message for you through your senses.  Notice what you’re aware of in your body; sensations, emotions, contemplate and listen inside for thoughts, ideas, messages.  Wishing you a wonderful wild new year.


If you’d like to receive daily messages from her find me on Instagram @Kianalovesart If you’d like your own Wild Woman Speaks Personal Healing Transmission, click here for more info.





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