Pray for our children, pray for peace

Wild Woman sent me this message for us today as we grieve the loss of children & innocence.

I call on you to go to the water, to the rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, to your shower, bathtub.  breathe in my healing waters.  Let your fears and tears be comforted & washed away.  Meditate on my waters that peace be restored, that anger and fear be washed away.  Peace you must restore in your own hearts and peace you must send to all of those families.  Breathe in my peace that you may be the peace for your children.  Feel me solid beneath your feet.  Release your rage & despair into my soil, let it be quieted by my waters.  Only peace begets peace.   

You must heal your own heart & allow my waters to console and embrace the child within you.  It is your innocence you cry for and your children’s you restore when you allow yourself to grieve and be comforted by me.  Let your grief be your healing salve, draw comfort from me and from each other.  Open your hearts that you may be healed and peace be born anew.  

Light a candle tonight and pour a glass of water and call me into your home.  Invite my rivers and forests into your home.    Go outside tonight, feel me under your feet, draw my love up through the soles of your feet with your breath and into your heart.    Hold up your candle, pray that the light in your hearts be restored.  Pray for peace.   It is so. 




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