I took the Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge into 2014….& I LOVED IT! (pics)

Yes I took the leap & loved it, but I didn’t know I had the nerve to do it until I did.


Even as  I created the event & invited people to join us on New Years Day for the Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge  I stayed firmly undecided about going. The part of me that created the new years event with the following intention wanted to do it.  I said to myself “Why not, we only live once.”

“We’re making this the year of living now. Lets live this year as if we’ve already attained our dreams. Lets start now. What are we waiting for. This year has opened our eyes and we want to live a full life of no regrets, enjoying the blessings of our life and our community. Lets welcome our life with open arms! “

I invite you to join us in coney island for the polar bear plunge. Lets go enjoy the show and if you are so inclined jump in. Lets harness the power of the ocean to release the old year & surrender to the blessings of the new year. Celebrate the old as it goes and welcome in the new. “

The other part of me, the part that thought I couldn’t do it, even though whole families from kids to grannies were doing it, didn’t want to fail somehow or look stupid, made sure to be non-committal.  I  kept my way out while inviting everyone to join us and only go in if they desired to.

On New Years Day, I put on my bathing suit under my clothes & convinced myself on the way there that I just might do it, yet when I got there felt the cold air, saw the paramedics wheeling a woman away from the beach, I said to Billy, “I’m not doing it this year”.  But when one of my friends overcame her fear, I got the nerve to do it .  I saw her taking off her clothes to take the plunge & felt this pressure from the inside, this part of me well up & say YES!  The part of me that was hungry to take a leap said. “Yes!”.  It wasn’t about other people pressuring me, it was about feeling & listening to my body & taking a leap of faith.

Next thing you know I was peeling off my clothes, photographers were gathering around & I ran down into the ocean screaming with my husband  (who never costumes, though we’re part of a costuming community) in his fabulous Yeti Santa Costume enthusiastically cheering me on.  I felt so alive, tingly, freezing, courageous & invigorated. I went in screaming & came out screaming & jumping up & down, “Whoohoo, Yes! I did it! I DID IT!! I’M ALIVE! I’M ALIVE! I’M ALIVE!!!!  1535626_10201995347298240_324194448_n

LIfe is much like this,  we want to take the leap, we’re hungry for it, & often in pain, yet we are afraid to take the plunge lest we fail or look stupid.   So grateful my hubby & I took the leap that enabled us to start loving, stop screaming & have an amazing time together hosting our polar adventure with our friends.

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 Take the plunge this year & follow loves calling! ♥1549320_10151934038677881_196534934_a


in our relationship & were willing to listen, feel, admit we didn’t know what to do & go to any lengths that our relationship starlike this when my hubby &



then started dancing to no music at all until we found music on the beach & on the boardwalk to jam to.

I came out jumping up & down screaming ” I did it , I’m alive, I’m alive.




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