Starry Blessings from Alison– from Pisces into Virgo Full Moon

 Dear Wild Women,

Kiana invited me to share astro-info with you in a weekly format. Im thrilled about connecting the astrology of the moment to what is dear to us– supporting the divine feminine and our inner self –part of the unfolding wilding process! I have studied with and learned a ton from Kiana, and I feel fortunate to be sharing this info with you which has helped me become a lighter life surfer (and calmer too!).
Wishing you joy in your journey, pep in your step and more bounce to the ounce 😀 Alison


Starry Blessings for the Week of March 10th, 2014

Spring is almost here and the Universal natural cycles are quite apparent as we wait in wonder for the sprouts to do their thing!

When we are in sync with the Universe, paying attention to both inner and outer stirrings, flowing with the natural cycles of the year, we begin to notice Universe is speaking to ::us::, and through us, even. This gives us the drive to dive deeper and trust in our precious life dreams and goals.

This is the message here at Starry Blessings Astrology! 

This week is the final full week before the Equinox — when the Sun heads into Aries– the Astrological New Year. We are currently wrapping up our present year as the Sun travels through Pisces. 

Pisces is a very feminine, or yin, sign with an experience that opens up to the unknown, sitting with feelings, entering the lucid state, conjuring up new energies and creative muses.  The feminine, when it feels safe, is able to explore the world and take in what it wants to grow and evolve. We grow by being able to merge with new qualities that we want to become–with an allowing yin process. What do you want to become? Pisces time is great to become something new because the energetic boundaries are so thin. Feel it, try it on, and become it. The yin is also able to let go of what it no longer needs, so sloughing off the old with a Wild dance is great to do now! It feels amazing to shake the old energies off that don’t belong to you.owl

The ability to feel strongly is also a delight part of wilding-  going through the twists and turns and coming out renewed is something to celebrate! We are ready to rebirth ourselves with the Spring Equinox — this new year’s day completes the very inward winter journey. So take the time to clean up old matters with the Virgo Full Moon, literally with rituals of letting go, energy clearing, and physical cleaning, as we begin a new journey to bring our  dreams into reality. Welcome your new self, Wild Women!
Alison Beth Levy @ Starry Blessings Astrology
The Universe Speaks! Astrological counseling for genuine, holistic and attuned living through the wisdom of natural cycles. 🙂

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