Bringing Belly & Womb Blessings for our Wild Garden today!

Good morning & Happy Spring Wild Ones!

I’m so excited to be gathering in the garden with you today! I was excited this morning when my bus pulled into port authority at 1am & when my coin scarf jingling as my hips swayed as I hauled by bags through the turnstile into the subway. I bring back blessings from a circle of powerful, joyful bellies & wombs dancing amidst the woods of Shutesbury, Massachusetts. Its time to gather and womb, nurture & celebrate. It is it is in nurturing ourselves, moment by moment… that we are awake, alive, and a healing force in our communities.

You are being called to be a healing force today.

Join me today at noon for wombing in the garden.
Join me to bless & nurture yourself & our garden!

Stay tuned for more about my wonderful day at Alisa Starkweather’s Belly & Womb Conference. I am so grateful to Alisa & all the amazing women that held space for me, with me, to nurture & celebrate my belly & womb.
You too are an amazing woman and its time for you to celebrate spring!

Kiana Love

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