Welcome to the First Quarter moon Post~Starry Blessing by Alison

Welcome to the First Quarter moon post! The Moon will be half full, in the sign of Cancer, April 7th at 4:30am EST. 

With the Aries New Moon we have entered the Eclipse Zone (April 15 & April 29)–  the energy feels more potent–  life is super-charged–more “real”! Change is everywhere we look. Births, deaths, big change. Inside and out. At the waxing quarter moon, we face something in our lives that is seeking improvement. This Moon in Cancer asks us to root down into our emotions. As Wild ones we are learning to honor, develop and hold our deeply emotional, feminine selves. We are on the path of continuously diving down into the water and again, the Universe is helping us dive DEEPLY, so we can better play swim and surf. Emotional work done now will pay off in spades, with tons of gifts at the forthcoming Eclipses . 

be brave. be emotional. be feminine! :)
Alison Beth Levy
founder of Starry Blessings Astrology

Full post on the 1st quarter Cancer Moon: http://wp.me/p3zyD5-dH
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