Cancelled due to storm! Wild Abundant Woman Full Moon: 2016 Vision Dance

We’re canceling tomorrow’s full moon celebration. Stay warm, relax and hopefully enjoy the snow. See you next month for our Wild Abundant Love Full Moon. In the meantime join me for a Home to Your Heart: Mother Earth Meditation to take you home to your body to the abundance of your senses .

Ready to manifest the abundance of nature in your life?
Claim your feminine power and surrender to your abundance on the full moon.
Wild Woman calls you to celebrate and restore the wild abundance of nature in women.

Wild Abundant Woman Full Moon
With Wild Woman Healer and Founder of Be Wild Woman, Kiana Love

Come celebrate your wildness. Lets celebrate the New Year by calling in abundance for ourselves and the world. Join me to dance in your vision of abundance, peace and joy.

Tune into your body and envision your abundant year. As you let yourself move to the rhythm, let it flow through you and into your life.

Wild Woman 2016 Vision Dance: Embark on a sensory journey to awaken, ground, relax and delight your body with a unique blend of dance, meditation, breath, toning, yoga and more.  Sink into your sacred ground, deepen your roots, reach up to the heavens and feel free to fly.

Wild Woman Healer and founder of Be Wild Woman, Kiana Love invites you to partner with Mother Earth, realign with nature and revel in your own nature– your wise, wild, wonderful body.

When:   Sunday January 24th, 2016 1pm-3pm [monthly]
Where: Lila Yoga 302 Bowery #2, New York, NY 10012
Tickets:  $25  click to register     ($35 at door)

About Wild Abundant Woman Full Moons: 
I am heeding Wild Woman’s call to offer you a monthly gathering at Be Wild Woman to restore and celebrate the wild abundance of nature in women.  I’ve created a welcoming safe space and a sacred journey for you to discover, heal and celebrate your abundance as a woman.  Enter into a space where you say yes to honoring and being yourself and every woman.  Experience a world where you are nurtured, celebrated and supported to be and express yourself, just as you are.  Join me to live your abundant sacred life now.

This is for you if:
* You feel a sense of lack in your bank account, relationships, or quality of life.

n68065135722_2209* You make or have money but are still getting stressed out about it.

*You hold yourself back or feel unworthy of what you have or want in your life.

* You never have enough time or are late to things even if they are things you want to do.

* You deprive yourself of things experiences or relationships you desire.

*You have dreams, visions or desires that seem to always be just out of your reach.

*You are ready to live an abundant life now.

* You would like to join a powerful supportive tribe of wild women to manifest, network, and celebrate each other.

WaterfallJoin me to….
* Nurture, celebrate and feel at home in your body.

* Share your intentions; open to the flow of abundance that is inherent in nature: in the beauty of sunrise, in a field of flowers, in the leaves of a tree.

* Ask for what you want and open to receive it.

* Experience meditation and energy healing designed to support you in feeling safe and supported and at home in your body with founder of Be Wild Woman, Wild Woman Healer Kiana Love.

* Clear blocks, heal wounds around money, security, and worthiness to receive & create.

* feel supported by a circle of women.

* Laugh, network, dream

* Enjoy yummy food. (feel free to bring something delicious and nourishing to share)

This is Be Wild Woman’s vision, for you and all women to align with nature to reclaim your feminine power.  This starts with coming home to your body.  When you feel at home in your body, safe, nurtured you are free to be and express yourself.

Bring your desires, intentions, dreams & visions to be blessed, manifested and celebrated!

logoAbout Be Wild Woman:
Be Wild Woman is a women’s healing center that empowers women to realign with nature in order to feel at home in their bodies.

Be Wild Woman offers healing programs and community events that connect, inspire, teach and support women to align with nature and reclaim their wild feminine power. We offer women healing tools and spiritual support to reclaim their innate, sacred, creativity, healing and power via the wild woman archetype.
We are located in New York City on the Upper West Side. Be Wild Woman was founded in 2006 by Wild Woman Healer, Kiana Love to create a safe space for women to be wild.
By wild, we mean growing and living in your natural state, free to be you.

About Kiana:

3048172134314541676Kiana, founder of Be Wild Woman, is passionate about empowering women to reclaim and love their bodies.  Her passion stems from her personal journey; recovery from trauma,  healing from sexual violence, painful cycles, cysts, depression, and shame.  Kiana draws from her personal healing journey, studies of the feminine, sacred sexuality, energy healing, nutrition, chakra healing, ayurveda and creativity to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, safe, nurtured and loved.

Kiana Love is the founder of Be Wild Woman, holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston, and has certifications in somatic healing and holistic health. She is a Wild Woman Healer, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Instructor, Moon Mother, Vortex Healer, Holistic Health Counselor, Herbalist, Reflexologist, Interfaith Minister and Yoga Teacher.

Kiana’s women’s trainings include the Women’s Wisdom Program with Hemitra Crecraft & Sue King and the Women in Power initiation in 2005 with Alisa Starkweather.  She is also certified by chakra expert Anodea Judith as a Sacred Centers Chakra healer & teacher.  Kiana Love has presented at COSM, Evolver, Jivamukti Yoga, Urban Sanctuary, Reflections Yoga, East West Yoga, Nurture New York, PEX Summer Festival, Figment, Eve’s Garden & Balilbay Camp for Performing Arts.  Kiana is available for healing programs, workshops, intuitive readings, intuitive art, circles, & parties.

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