Are You Too Tired to Be Wild?

Its hard to be wild and make your amazing dreams come true when you’re exhausted.

Are you an expert at sacrificing?

Many women, myself included, are.  Its what we grow up with.  Pick up any romance novel and you’ll find a heroine that sacrifices and suffers for her love.  We’re taught that we’ll get rewarded and loved for this.  But the truth is we just get rewarded with more sacrifice, suffering, and broken dreams.

Do you deserve a badge for your suffering? I should have a whole drawer full of shiny badges, medals and an academy award for all the suffering I’ve done.

Are you willing to give it up? Or have you gotten so comfortable with suffering you don’t know what you would do, or who you would be without it?

Can you relate to:

– working too much
-not getting enough sleep
-working through the pain
-putting others first
-not having energy left over for you to follow your dreams
Is there not enough time for you?

Are you too tired to do what you love?

 I can relate.

I used to wake up with a drill sergeant in my head pushing me, yelling at me, even keeping me from getting the rest I needed.

I was “nurse nightingale” sacrificing for my son, my husband, even my clients

I started dreaming about having a healing center 20 years ago.  It was vivid and clear but I had no energy or time for it.  I tried but spun in circles and continued to exhaust myself.

My body’s pain messages became louder and louder.  At first I shut it up with pain killers and checked out of my body.

It wasn’t until I started listening and finally understood what my body was saying that I was able to recharge my body and go after my wild dreams.

When you put your body and your self-care first, your dreams will follow.

Its time for you to put down the badge of suffering and pick up the wand of compassion and self-love.

Compassion and self-love are the powerful medicine, the magic, the star to wish upon to make your wild dreams come true.

The world needs your magic, your wild dreams and your joy.

Are you ready to give up the suffering and pick up the joy?

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